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    Just stopped in on a whim seven years after having smp...still rocking the look. Smp still looks fresh and no one ever knows its a tattoo unless I tell them. always around for coffee or drinks in case anyones ever interested on how well this look ages on. Im still digging smp and glad i did this treatment. happy holidays guys and thanks for your fine efforts. JB
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    I use a mild facial scrub then niva men's sensitive moisturiser as it's alcohol free. Randomly I use bio oil hope that helps
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    Thought-provoking stuff gentlemen. Bobobaldy, I like the misunderstanding that we are attracted to the same things women are. GM68, I completely agree that the vast majority of men seeking SMP are doing it for themselves and to improve their own confidence... which in turn will make them more successful with women and life in general. For the record, I conducted my own poll with the question do you find bald men sexy... 50% said they did, and the other 50% said what are you talkling about? I haven't found anything sexy since the 1990's. Why don't you ask your sister? My mum is never very helpful with this sort of thing, but my sister was more encouraging.
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    Nope. Clearly haven't read his story.
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    Micro needling

    Ed, thanks for your post. I am glad my experience has been helpful to others. We are all in this together and getting support, even from strangers, is quite valuable. I went back to the clinic where I had the treatments done recently just to have the lady check one last time to see the final results. I wanted to wait until I knew the healing was complete. She was so thrilled. I signed a release form and she took some more photos. I agreed to let them use my case study and photos on their website. So if I find out that has been done I would share the URL here so other guys could see the results. I have been going places and meeting people without a hat on quite a bit lately. A real first for me. No one even knows me without my hat on, after all these years. I never felt comfortable doing that before. Now all I need to do is decide about getting SMP on the scarred areas on the back of my head. Hopefully that will be the final touch for me. I have appreciated all the information I have gleaned from this forum. It has been most beneficial.
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    Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    I haven't posted any pics in a while. This is from yesterday, Feb 28. You are looking at 5-6 linear scars, multiple fues, 3 Fraxel treatments, 3 skin pen/derma pen treatments, and SMP to top it off. Not perfect but I'm satisfied considering all the shit I put myself through.I hope this helps anyone on the fence about any of these treatments.
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    Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Ok here it is.