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    Its important to distinguish between a bad SMP treatment with the wrong pigment, or technique, that can result in an outcome that is distinctly blue.. and a recognised visual illusion that can see even a real shaved head, or chin, appear to have a faint shade of blue in some lighting conditions.
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    2 Weeks away from my SMP, nervous

    Iskdg, I don't know Matt lulo, both these guys have their own places now. I have had work done by Jonathan and took another client to him recently again excellent work. I am sure Matt should be good too do your homework.
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    Thanks for the comments. Those pics are about a week apart. I have to be honest that nobody has ever mentioned the colour shade of my head. Regardless of anything. It was one of the best choices I have made. I wish I could have told my past self that I'd be getting smp in my future, the worry id of saved myself. ?thank you his Birmingham
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    2 Weeks away from my SMP, nervous

    Everyone is nervous bro. Make sure you have a good technician and you'll be fine.
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    2 Weeks away from my SMP, nervous

    Hey Iskdj I had this procedure done 3 years ago in New York by Jonathan Gerow (i think we can name names now), If you are getting this procedure done in New York INSIST that he does it. SMP is more art than science, If you are going to paint your head might as well let Picasso do it! I had all the anxieties that you have mentioned above and looking back probably the best decision I have ever made about top of my head wish had done it years ago. Keep it age appropriate, keep it suttle, nothing too dark or radical, let Jon guide you and you should be ok. Good Luck!
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    SMP turning blue after some years

    The first one looks really good even after 4 years true !!! But the second one could it be a little bit blue/grey or maybe its just because of the bright light environment ! thanks