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    waterproof shaver like R91?

    Hey guys, it's been a while.. think it is my 1 year anniversary of getting this treatment done in a week or so if I remember correctly. Amazing how something so simple have changed the way I am and feel? I totally forget that I am bald now when I am out and never worry about looking down without thinking people will see my badly receding hair/horse shoe. I won't lie, shaving every day is getting a bit annoying.. specially because the R91 seems to be hard to use sometimes as my hair is getting thicker with each shave. It always shaves better and less painful when I wet my hair with hot water but what I'd like to know is if anyone knows of a good shaver that can shave as short as the R91 and is water proof? It would be SO MUCH easier to shave it while I shower rather than having to shower then wet my head a few times to get it all shaved properly. I'll add some recent pics of how my head looks now as well for those who are curious what has happened to me.