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    How close down do you have to shave?

    there's no rule here....the one thing anybody who has smp will tell u, is the concept of 3D (real hair) vs 2D (SMP). For example, I'm like a norwood 5 i think, so i do have some stubbles up top but not much. When I let my hair grow for 2-3 days u can see a clear difference as far as hair sticking out on the sides vs next to nothing on top and around the crown. Now, does it bug me? Not really, especially when I'm just going to the gym or groceries. My advice is just to experiment with it and go with what you're comfortable. I've established a routine of shaving to the bone with a razor in the shower every two days, but I have a buddy who does it religiously daily.. The choice, my friend, is yours.
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    How close down do you have to shave?

    If you have diffuse thinning hair all over your head, you can always leave a bit of stubble. The formula is: The more hair you have left, the longer you can wear it with SMP. If you have the usual male hairloss pattern, very sparse or bald on the top and a horseshoe, it is always best to shave as close as possible to make the SMP undetectable.