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    Hairy Again

    Hey all, wanted to give an update: I actually went back for a session 4 in May; the treatment looked fine but my practitioner Ian in Houston saw some photos and thought we could go a little darker and still look natural. Very glad we did - it gave it even more texture, and still blends great whether its day 0 or day 2. Trying to think back to what I would have wanted to know pre-treatment... it really has been a seamless transition and no one's ever called me out. I've gotten a few "why do you shave your head, you have hair" which always makes me feel great. Honestly the best part is feeling like I can look sharp again, and that my appearance is intentional. It's so much better that I can talk about being "bald" and it's not awkward because it seems like I'm shaving on purpose. Some pic updates... these are just pics I've taken in everyday life that I grabbed off my phone. Lighting does definitely make a difference and there are a few lightings where it really doesn't show up well, but that would happen with a naturally shaved head too, I think. Good luck to @JohnathonNY and anyone else on the fence... you'll be glad you did
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    My not so good smp story so far

    Just to confirm "a His practitioner " or a recognised HIS clinic ? In about 8 years in this forum I haven't seen results like this which could mean you have a unique Constitution, or HIS have let their standards slip on you
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    Hair line is too dark.

    I saw the pics and I really like what I saw. Don‘t worry, man. Over the next couple of days/weeks it will fade and it will look really great.
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    Hair line is too dark.

    Hey bud....from my personal experience, i don't think you have anything to worry about. Most of the darkness you see will become scabs and once the dots settle, it will become MUCH lighter. I guarantee you, until you complete the full treatment, once it becomes lighter you will miss seeing the dark hairline!
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    Search for a member called David1963, there is lots of this anecdotal evidence on the boards but his is probably my fave. He posted saying he was visiting a dermatologist for an ongoing scalp condition. She recommended he grow his hair out and was shocked when told it was an SMP. That is a trained skin professional studying a treated scalp closely, unable to spot it. If you don't arrive with any knowledge of SMP you just don't see it... even if it is not perfect.
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    Does anyone regret having this done?

    I had a serious regret after having the treatment completed. My regret was simple, I wish I had done this years ago when I was starting to lose my hair. The time spent slowly avoiding life (five years) was something I wish didn't happen but have come to accept it. Now its a matter of making up for those five years and enjoying this treatment.
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    Does anyone regret having this done?

    like dast1 mentioned i think the main reason someone would regret it, would be if the shaved head look just didnt look good on them. otherwise its gonna win over being bald any day lol