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    Laser hair removal

    I've done this with great success. I hated transplanted hair, I just shaved it down for years. Problem with this is it creates a sharp hairline, doesn't look right. Eventually I started getting laser hair removal. I started off small with 1 laser burst to see how it would react. I've done a total of 6 or 7 treatments now. It works very well and my hairline looks a lot better and I'm not bothered by the transplanted looking hairs anymore. I still need to go in for a couple more treatments, just small sections though. The laser isn't very powerful, meaning one session doesnt completely kill hair follicles, they grow back gradually softer, so I feel this helps with not having to worry about killing native natural hair. One point I would say is it leaves the skin pink for days following. The first day it is red and obvious and then faintly pink for up to a 1-2 weeks. For this reason I would only do small sections at a time unless you can take a week off from work. I did the full hairline once and people knew and asked questions about it almost a week later. It faded soon after, but when done in small sessions no one will ask or notice it. When it's a line in the shape of your hairline, people will notice. I would definitely recommend this, helped me out a lot. Best of luck