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    Full heads of shaved hair

    Two great examples that you know are real. It doesn't seem like rocket science to recreate these looks but you rarely see SMP like that . Why?, In my opinion 1. Going way too dark 2. Having a hair "line" regardless of how receded. There needs to be an almost undetectable point where the hair starts and where it then becomes dense. Can only be achieved by reducing density gradually, subtly reducing colour, and having no line, just a general area the dots start. I've never seen anybody attempt the three peak hairline of the first example on this thread, yet it what most of us started off with.
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    Blue Smurf

    Scars in Public

    My scar is identical to yours. I am a school teacher. If ever there was a profession where you think people would take the piss then it would be this. But I’ve not had even one single comment. I don’t worry about it either. But the one time a kid called out my hair transplant was one of the worst moments of my life. At least a scar you can just put it down to surgery from years ago (which is true). People are usually happy with that explanation.
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    Blue Smurf

    Looking into SMP

    My recommendation is that you shave off your hair transplant and get smp into the donor areas. There’s lots of examples on here. Book and see a consultant.