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    Hair Piece to SMP

    Hi guys My story.. I have been researching SMP for quite some time now. Currently I wear a hairpiece and have been since 1996. while it looks completely natural (90%) of the time BUT I have had enough of the wigs/tapes/glue and always worrying that someone will notice. I certainly do notice and have been called out once or twice over the last 20 years. So now I really do want to get rid of it now and have wanted to over the last few years. So much so that I have told all my close friends about my hair. I was toying with the idea of just shaving it but I think a hair line always frames the face better..So I have been looking at SMP. What I am seeing is alot of good results and some painfully bad ones as well, My other concern is that I am in professional role at work with a number of staff. The last thing I want is to do is, have it look unnatural and have my team lose respect for me. My plan is to shave my head (whatever is left) have two sessions and then return to work. This way it looks like I have just shaved my head.. I am interested to hear from other folks who have made this transition. I did post in the Toronto meet up thread as well..would be awesome if I could meet someone who has had this done.. TOBlady!
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    saving for smp jason blog

    Looks fantastic! Congrats!
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    I have watched this video..I have seen his channel a few times and he is annoying AF! I have no clue how some of these YTers have so many subscribers make all this money ANYWAY I digress.. I dont understand why when he had such a good result the first time why he went and had it done again..She really messed up his head absolute nightmare! I have been following his series on this and he is on his 5th or 6th session to remove it..Like everyone says, look painful!
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    saving for smp jason blog

    Washes and shaved enjoy the pics