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    Saw my name mentioned in another thread, so thought I’d add a recent pic with the family dog.
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    Just go with your gut. if you don't you'll always wonder its like a breath of fresh air no more stressing over hair
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    Why want SMP take

    Some people can get this treatment completed in 3 sessions and every individual is different. I myself have not been one of the lucky ones to get my treatment completed in 3 sessions. I feel that it comes down to your immune system and how well it takes the pigment and also the level of skill of the practitioner who performs your procedure.
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    Somebody mentioned my name? About to turn 65. Just added a new pic to my Zang post in the American forum. Happy new year, Ed and all.
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    Hi DrDre, I'm a newbie on this forum, but my humble opinion is the faded smp's do not look bad at all. If anything, it may lend itself to natural aging of the scalp. You may be more concerned because you are likely a young man, and it is a personal opinion of course. Thanks for your posts.
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    On my experience of my smp. I can go about 4 days without shaving. When lazy a week. My other replies in threads have photos showing not shaving for a few days It looks best a few hours after a wet shave but I haven't had a word said to me after even a few days. As for people who you tell. Be wary only for sure tell people on a need to know. My wife and my mother knows along with 2 friends. My children didn't even notice. I'm in a circle of people who have no problem ripping anyone to shreads over something. A another factor to think about is after a period of time people get used to what you look like and forget what you used to look and it all gets accepted if that makes sense. I had some hair and probably went to His very naive and on a wing and a prayer with not much or hardly any research. I didn't over think it and kinda just said f**k it and done it. It was such a good time in my life and I hope anyone else thinking about smp with his has the experience I have had. There is somethings I would have done differently looking back but all in all it was life changing for me
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    Hi gm68. One piece of advice I can give you from my own experience is, shave your head short and get used to that before going straight to smp. From my own experience, I have suffered from a receding hairline from my 20’s (now early 40’s) and managed to keep my hair long enough on top to conceal this (apart from swimming etc)... everyone thought I’d got a full head of hair, but for me I hated it and decided to go down the smp route what I’m trying to tell you is, I walked into a clinic with a good head of hair and left a couple of hours later with it shaved to the bone and it was a massive shock, massive... I had my hairline lowered which now means I have to shave everyday or twice a day because of the 2d / 3d effect. 9 months on I’m just about used to it and I’m now shaving everyday against the grain!! Be under no illusions smp only really works when hair is shave to the bone and I can be an extreme look for someone not used to it, like I was sorry for waffling on
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    If you shave daily you will not feel or see a difference at all.
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    When shaved wet. There is no difference in the sides and top of mine. I have my head felt up on a few occasions and nobody has batted an eyelid. But 100% the sides of my head and where I still have hair feels exactly the same when wet shaved. Non issue in my opinion:) i regular get lazy and don't shave for days and still is all ok
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    Just stopped in on a whim seven years after having smp...still rocking the look. Smp still looks fresh and no one ever knows its a tattoo unless I tell them. always around for coffee or drinks in case anyones ever interested on how well this look ages on. Im still digging smp and glad i did this treatment. happy holidays guys and thanks for your fine efforts. JB
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    This is right now coming up to my 5th year. It's also me being lazy and I haven't wet shaved in a week So you can see my hair through the smp. My point is that mine has not faded and I don't think I want it topped up for a while the top pic is in strong light you can see my hair and the smp.
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    I have written directly to this poster asking them to confirm their details so I can authenticate these claims. However, the account was set up at the same time as another which posted a topic asking for recommendations to a clinic in Toronto... which this poster replied to suggesting one. It has always been a frustrating part of the job, policing the competition when they look to use our forum to undermine what we do. It used to be much more common, when some of the names that have become established were a little more "cowboy" in their approach.
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    Thanks pv, and completely agree. So you think I should raise the hairline a bit? I'm ok to do that since my 'hairline' (with concealer) is a bit higher. Re keeping it light, I was thinking about going with my natural hair colour or maybe even slightly darker (and blend it down into the sides/back). My concern being that it could otherwise end up invisible in bright light. I know that I need to be careful about going too dark. Anyway I think I'm getting a decent idea of what I want now. I'm slightly concerned about exactly who I let loose on my head, but I don't think we are allowed to discuss practitioners on the forum? Although I'm guessing it would be Birmingham or Manchester? Time to do a consultation I think.
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    Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I'm rubbish with this but had a go at receding it slightly myself:
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    Well I've no problem posting it and I assume it's ok to do so, so here it is. Couple of things to note: - It's an older pic. Still haven't received the new one even though they were sent right after each other. - You're right about the hairline. The pic below has a decently soft hairline, but it's a bit 'too good', i.e. not mature enough for my age! I would go for a higher, or perhaps just more receded, hairline.
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    Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Post it if you can... good luck if you decide to go ahead.. just remember to go with a sensible hairline 👍🏻
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    Ok, this is maybe a bit off topic, hopefully it's ok to post. Two months ago I stopped using this drug after 10 years' continuous use (having decided that my current fin/concealer routine is definitely coming to an end no matter what my next step turns out to be). Since then I've noticed a few things. Almost imediately I noticed an intermittent very light headache / slight sensitivity to light. As well as very occasional slight light-headedness. These symptoms have lasted for a number of weeks although they are more or less gone now. It's also become apparent that I was having one admittedly very minor sexual side effect while on fin, which is no longer the case since stopping the drug. Following the observations above, I did a little online research and found that although the exact scope of side effects from fin doesn't appear to have been fully documented, there were certainly other guys who had similar symptoms when both using and after stopping using fin. I was also interested to read about some guys who had no symptoms after years on fin, then suddenly had sometimes quite severe physical, sexual or even mental issues. For a considerable time a few years ago I had number of strange symptoms, for example gastro-intestinal cramps, bowel issues, testicular aches. All of these symtoms were apparently experienced by some guys on online forums as side effects from fin, however I didn't consider this possibility at the time (since I'd already been on fin for a number of years with no real issues). In November 2017 I went to see my GP who did some tests which came out normal. Since then these issues have completely or almost completely gone (and before I stopped taking fin). Bottom line: I don't think that this drug is as innocuous as was thought in 2008, and I'm becoming very glad that something has happened to get me off it!
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    I thought Ranbir and Ian were off empire building. I didn't think they were still hands on. Is it cheeky to ask how Ian's much anticipated the/SMP combo is looking ?
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    Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Thanks for the comments b-l, and I think there's a lot of truth in this! We do tend to get caught up in what others think of us, when truth is most of the time they are not thinking about us at all.... actually I think my 10-year experience with concealers backs that up I remember at school though I used to hate getting a haircut since there were always kids that would make some silly comment (for whatever reason I never really understood). Actually about 20 years ago I worked with one person like that. Everyone else in the office found it profoundly irritating and several told the guy to his face, not that it made any difference. Thankfully no one like that to worry about these days. Two years ago I had a basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) removed from the side of my nose and had to go into work with a huge ugly blood-sodden dressing on it. As you can imagine I got a few comments about that. A difference then was that I was straight up with people about what I'd had done, after which no more was said. It was also interesting how many people surprisingly never said anything at all. I think pv is right, once we're happy that SMP is the right way forward for us, we have to just go for it and sod everyone else. Think I'll wait until I see my virtual SMP pics and then think about doing a skype consultation. Happy new year and here's to a potentially very interesting 2019
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    Regarding shaving it off first and getting used to it: My idea was to walk in with hair (comb over shall we say) & leave with shaved head & nobody will be none the wiser. For me it was just a massive shock & one that took a long time to get used to. But for someone already shaving their head it’s probably less of a shock this is just how I felt by the way and with regards shaving after smp, like I said I shave everyday cos I’ve still got thick hair on to (but not in the places I want it lol) and any more than a day you can start to see the difference between 2d / 3d plus I like it to look clean all the time I do know someone who’s had the treatment done and they were an nw7 (no hair on top, just back and sides) and when clean shaven it looks spot on, but I’ve also seen them after a few days un-shaven and it looks weird... but each to their own and he’s been quite open about the fact he’s had smp
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    I wet shave (against the grain) on top because I still have some hair (nw3) and it’s quite dark, but use a rotary on the sides & back because I was more grey. So I have a smooth top with sand paper feel to the back & sides. Couple of people have rubbed my the top of my head and said “ooh very smooth” and that was that. Very few people know I’ve got SMP and I’ve never been called out... yet
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    The equaliser

    0.5 Guard?

    Babyliss men istubble is what I use...theres no 0.5 but a 0.6 and 0.4 which is the one I use and always have since having smp..perfect for me.
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    Hope everyone's had a good Christmas! I sent not one but two photos for 'Virtual SMP'. Hope that is ok. And I hope that the results can help me become more comfortable with the 'cropped' look!
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    Here are additional photos from Dec 2018
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    Any Recommendations

    Hi All, Its been 3 months since 3rd session. What do you all think? I’m thinking of going back to get a more feathered look, especially on my left side. Also, just wondering if it looks too much like a helmet? I do like the job but thinking maybe a few changes could make it look more natural. I would appreciate ya’lls input. Thank you :-)
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    I know this is an old post but I can identify with a lot of the OP's thoughts. Quite close to where I am at this stage. Looks like the OP may have subsequently had SMP, although no photos have been posted.
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    Another great positive story, thanks. Well worth digging a bit further into some of JB's earlier posts. Some better pics in there too. Oh, and his youtube video JB IMO your SMP look is wayyyy better than your photo from ten years earlier (with hair ). It is subtle though, especially since your natural hair colour is given as dark brown. I'm light brown / greying and ideally would like it a bit darker if possible. PV, another great job there. I'm amazed you get away with not shaving for a week (although it is visible in the pics). I think you have more hair than me though, and it's much darker.
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    Its an important point I just made myself in another thread. That SMP, while we almost invariably do it to address issues around self-esteem, has a broadly positive effect on your whole life. It improves self-confidence which plays into how inspired we are to live up higher standards for ourselves. Bald Ego's testimony is echoed in so many other threads on here.
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    Thanks Ed, I've trawled through bald ego's posts and seen his pics, including the one before treatment (I think he said he removed all but one 'before' pics). If I can get SMP results like his I'll be one happy camper (once I've got myself comfortable with the step change in appearance). What I really enjoyed reading though was how the improvement in his appearance caused him to take more care of himself in so many other areas, e.g. physical fitness, diet, etc.
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    Gigantor Cat

    DIY SMP?

    Maybe its against the rules, but still waiting for a picture of your DIY. Not going to hold my breath though
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    I would recommend anyone reading this to check out the threads posted by Bald Ego. He is a particularly erudite older client who has posted generously on his experience, with plenty of photographs. He will leave you in no doubt about the ability of SMP to achieve great things, even for older gentlemen. Maxb... everyone comes here for a reason, I am struggling to work out what yours is. I am not buying the thread around DIY SMP. Looking at this thread in the light of that one makes me wonder if you are not simply here to try and undermine or belittle HIS, or the SMP industry that they have created.
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    first one looks like a guy in his 50's , the seconds in his 40's.
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    Hairy Again

    Hey all, wanted to give an update: I actually went back for a session 4 in May; the treatment looked fine but my practitioner Ian in Houston saw some photos and thought we could go a little darker and still look natural. Very glad we did - it gave it even more texture, and still blends great whether its day 0 or day 2. Trying to think back to what I would have wanted to know pre-treatment... it really has been a seamless transition and no one's ever called me out. I've gotten a few "why do you shave your head, you have hair" which always makes me feel great. Honestly the best part is feeling like I can look sharp again, and that my appearance is intentional. It's so much better that I can talk about being "bald" and it's not awkward because it seems like I'm shaving on purpose. Some pic updates... these are just pics I've taken in everyday life that I grabbed off my phone. Lighting does definitely make a difference and there are a few lightings where it really doesn't show up well, but that would happen with a naturally shaved head too, I think. Good luck to @JohnathonNY and anyone else on the fence... you'll be glad you did
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    Hi Guys this is my first post on here since i had my treatments in the Manchester clinic. I am 55 years old and had the old plug hair transplant procedure back in the late 80s. ( big mistake but hey young and foolish back then and no internet lol ) Had been looking into smp with his for quite a while mainly to camouflage my scar area! Anyway here are some pics of my before my 1st session in Manchester. Will upload photo's of my first session results shortly.
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    Head shine

    I advise you to use talc
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    I removed my pictures a while ago for privacy reasons, but it still looks good 4 years on. I wouldn't say I went dark all over, my treatment tapers lighter down towards the temple, ears and neckline with the same ink (30) mainly by difference of needle pressure. I'm not blonde though, more of a mousey brown, and I'm not sure I've seen a blonde treatment that looks convincing. It's more a case of blondes needing to recreate light brown hair stubble for their SMP to work. Blonde stubble is basically invisible.
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    Here's some pics i took today as best i could in natural outdoor light. This is 7 days after my second treatment! Will upload more pics that i took inside shortly.
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    And here's the photie's i took fresh today! 1 / 10 / 17 exactly 5 days after my 2nd Session. Really pleased but also really worried about it fading a lot?! My scar at the back of my head needs to settle down more and obviously will probably fade more so just so anxious to see how that appears? Although i am going to have to go for a 3rd session. Just really worried about my Scar being reasonably camouflaged? and also the plug scars on the top of my head! Hope the quality of the photo's are ok? Would love some feedback ?
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    Wow just been reading through all the posts since I was last online. Im glad ive helped a lot of people get off the fence with this treatment. Its been 2 years now and still looking as good as ever. No fading, no questions asked by anybody if its a "tattoo". As for sun exposure ive not put suncream on my head for 2 years and its not faded at all so take all this suncream everytime your in the sun with a pinch of salt! I will get some more photos uploaded this week. Heres one ive found on my phone thats recent. Hope your all well and thanks again to HIS for this great treatment
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    Next week at the second session i am going to ask Danny to lower the hairline slightly mebbies around 5mm if that and bring the side profiles in ever so slightly then i will be 100% happy with the hairline and looking forward to getting the density next week. Happy customer here and if anybody is sitting on the fence with this treatment crack on and get it booked. Best thing you will do Something along the lines of this....
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    These where taken about 4 hrs after the session so still quite red but overall happy with the results
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    Before pics side view
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    Well after a bit of sever scalp peeling my SMP has faded quite a bit. It's looking good on top still so not overly concerned. My only issue is that the FUE scar area is now starting to show again. If the pigment holds where it is just now I'll get away with it until session 3. Just wondering if anyone knows of a decent product to conceal FUE dots on a shaved head just in case it need it if I get any more fading? Had a quick try with my mrs eyeliner which seems to work ok but there must be something better out there?
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    That looks really good from the rear mate. Not many can pull off that hair length but certainly from the rear it looks good in these photos.
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    Just washed and shaved down with balding clippers. Here's a couple of photos of the back. One indoors, one outside in the garden on a bright sunny morning. The strip where the FUE scars were is looking great. Almost invisible so hopefully the pigment holds. When I say almost invisible - it probably is invisible to anyone else, just that I know where they were so I obviously scrutinise it really closely. Looking at the pics I don't think I can get away with that length as the thin crown is still visible. I think I'll drop it down to a face shaver in a few days once it is fully healed to avoid pulling off any scabs.
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    Cheers for the info Damien. Certainly not going to start panicking yet. Could be a lot worse and have faded completely. All in all it's looking brilliant for the 1st session. As far as pigment shades go this is what I had always thought... I thought the pigment was selected primarily based on your hair colour rather than hair length. Obviously there is little difference in the appearance of a wet shaved scalp and a foil / rotary shavered scalp. In the case where people went for a longer hair length the pigment would still be the same. The treatment would still work as the smp would simply add extra density in this case but if shaved down would be the same as a properly shaved scalp. Is that kind of right or completely wrong?
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    Thanks Jason! Couple of photos with it freshly shaved. Was bricking it shaving as with the extra hair length the scars were well covered although the blending at the top was getting bad. It seems to be pretty good though, still quite camouflaged. The scars seem less visible in the photos than they are in real life, surprisingly it seems to look best in photos with the flash on. Saying that I think I'm probably over paranoid anyway and most people wouldn't spot them anyway. I'm still sticking with the zero grado for now for a couple of reasons. 1. If the treatment on the scars fade I can try and cover it temporarily with concealer until my next session. I think this would be easier with having a little bit of surrounding hair to blend in with rather than just a tiny bit of stubble or slick bald. I'm no expert though ansd havent done it before so I may be wrong. 2. will be easier to show people my new short look by doing it in stages rather than going from having hair straight to razor / elec shaver style bald. Think it will be less of a shock if it looks like I'e just taken the clippers to it for now. Going out today for the first time with it so hopefully no one rumbles me this early!
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    Here’s a few photos taken during the treatment. The first 2 show the FUE scarring being treated. You can even see a difference between these 2 photos. The first was taken immediately after the FUE scars have been treated and it still looks quite dotty. The second was taken towards the end of the session and you can already see that its starting to settle and look natural.