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  2. Old Chicago client looking for some info

    hey man i was wondering if you went for your fourth session ?
  3. SMP in FUT scar vs FUE scar

    Hey, If a transplant fail and someone decide to shave his head already. Would it be easier to cover the scar of a fut or a fue ? I know smp into a scar can make things really hard and it can take A LOT of sessions and most time the tattoo will fade more rapidly.
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  5. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I would try to stop analyzing and worrying about it if I was you. Easier said than done. It's a tattoo, it will fade, your head will appear shiny in certain lighting, you have no hair, it's inevitable. And yes, from my experience you will have to shave it everyday, otherwise it won't match up. If I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't have had my SMP. You end up replacing one obsession (losing hair) with another... does it look noticeable today, is it fading, I better not forget to shave, do I need another 500 pound top up? Can I laser it off, but then will that be noticeable. You will drive yourself crazy.
  6. Yea maybe, I was aware of this issue but it took a certain type of lighting to show it up. My head was actually quite matte and in all normal lighting conditions it was grand. After my holiday I noticed a real change to much more shine. It's settled down a bit now but not quite as good as it was before yet. PTR is a great product and cured the issue. But it's not really necessary now. There does appear to have been a bit of fading/lightening though. This isn't finished yet.
  7. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Isn't the top of head shots me not a unfortunate side effect of balding rather than just having no hair? One of the reasons that avoiding shine is one of the big issues with SMP. If you have a shiny bonce it's a dead giveaway!
  8. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Well perhaps not such as good a result as I thought. I noticed really bad shine shortly after returning from holiday and things are only getting more or less back to where they were now (over a month after returning). Not sure if this was caused by the sunblock???? Anyway it was bad enough that I don't want it to happen again. I also think my SMP may have faded a bit. Again not sure if that was the sun, sunblock, or neither. Session 3 next month so will get it sorted. Although I have another sunshine holiday coming up at the end of November and I now might be back to square one re sunscreen
  9. I may have been a bit too hasty with that last post. The shine has since abated quite a bit and things are nearly back to where they were - over a month after returning from holiday! I ended up only using PTR for a very short time and am now no longer using it. But I do think my SMP may have lightened/faded further. I seem to really need a fresh shave to the bone for it to blend well in indoor lighting. Not sure what's going on. Aw well, session 3 next month. Guess I can wait to get it sorted then - although I'm now a bit concerned about another step change in appearance.....
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  11. Thinning hair smp

    i have this issue also. With a full head of thinning hair, would shaving it be better fit for the treatment?
  12. Post SMP

    I think I'd take their advice and weather it out. Maybe you could lightly tap it rather than rub it with a soft towel. I'm no 100% either way. It's only a few days to put up with it
  13. Post SMP

    Hi everyone! Today I had my first session of SMP into my FUT scar from my hair transplant. I was told that I am unable to wet my hair for 3 days and cannot shampoo until the 8th day. I do have very oily hair and I was wondering if applying a bit of baby powder to the top of my head would be okay to soak up some of the excess oil. Your incites are greatly appreciated!
  14. Posted this back in March and haven't gotten much of a response.. Is there anyone on this forum that has had SMP to camouflage (frontal, pluggy-pitted grafts?) Thanks-LDB
  15. Anyone heard anything lately?
  16. I would like to support Paris Clinic crew i.e Jeremie L and Sophiane-two excelent practitioners-both of them works in hard conditions at Paris Clinic. .Despite bad conditions mentioned guys work very hard, they are very skilled and educated for their work. They are also very dedicated and achieve excelent results. Their customers from differente countries are satisfied and love them.I am also satisfied with my SMP governated by Jeremie L. I had 7 sessions at Paris Clinic with fine results and I will keep contact with Jeremoe for further colaboratiion.
  17. I would like to support Paris Clinic crew i.e Jeremie L and Sophiane-two excelent practitioners-both of them works in hard conditions at Paris Clinic. .Despite bad conditions mentioned guys work very hard, they are very skilled and educated for their work. They are also very dedicated and achieve excelent results. Their customers from differente countries are satisfied and love them.I am also satisfied with my SMP governated by Jeremie L. I had 7 sessions at Paris Clinic with fine results and I will keep contact with Jeremoe for further colaboratiion.
  18. Front third was very thin and crown was gone. Used nanogen fibres and it looked fine. Now I've shaved it off it would take too long to grow out again so going for more SMP all over and in the scar again.
  19. bad smp from another company

    Yes, in my scar. Had to laser it off 3 sessions.
  20. anti shine & moisturizers

    Look for good matte moisturizers with spf and has anyone used product from scalpa matte and scalpa matte 2.
  21. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    how old are you and when did you start thinning ? u still have quite a lot of hair !!!
  22. has anybody had a bad smp with over density on touch ups i.e too darker ink not blending with natural hair?
  23. Consulation.

    First session yesterday. Bald as F*** lol
  24. Ok, something has happened. Not the end of the world, but worthy of a mention anyway. Since returning from holiday I have noticed a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, increase in shine. At first it didn't obviously look like shine and I initially thought it was further fading/lightening of the SMP - but it wasn't apparent in outdoor light so I concluded it wasn't fading. Then I managed to create my least favourite lighting condition (indoor, with backlighting) and it was 'glaringly' obvious - horrendous shine At this point I was glad I had had the foresight to buy a couple of tubes of PTR; this stuff is great and as such has now been incorporated into my regular routine until I see what happens going forward. Any ideas whay may have caused this? The things I did differently on holiday were: - Using sunblock (Avene SPF30 & 50, used daily); - Getting more sun exposure (but always with sunblock - to the point where I have had no visible additional sun tan at all - plus a baseball hat some of the time); - Sweating more (it was hot). Given the above I get the impression the sunblock may have done this, but I don't know how? Irritatingly the shine is only on the top of my head, while the sunblock was applied all over my head and face. I'd quite like to get back to where I was before!
  25. It just gets worse and worse and I'm sure the few of us on this forum discussing it are just a small sample size of the travesty the Toronto location has been in recent years. It's clear that HIS recognizes the problem, and based on their actions, or complete lack of to be more accurate, it seems they have no intentions of doing anything about it. It sucks because I'm sure I like many of you chose to go with HIS because they appeared trustworthy, but now they are intentionally ignoring us because of their mess up. I'm honestly shocked that the company as a whole is going about it this way. Sure one bad practitioner I understand, but the company at large behaving in this manner is appalling. I too am prepared to pursue chargeback from my credit card company if HIS continues to not respond, although it's been nearly a year since my first session I'm not sure how likely it will be that it's granted. Please do let us know if you hear anything. Sounds like we're all on this same boat and HIS is making zero effort to acknowledge it.
  26. First post after finding this forum. I dont know whether to be upset or relieved after finding out im not the only one who has had issues at the Toronto location. Got 3 sessions done earlier this year (Feb/March) and its like you guys are telling my story for me. In my quote I was told each session would be 2.5 to 3 hours long. First session lasted maybe 1.5hrs, second session was about an hour, and the third session maybe 30 mins. Couldnt help but feel like the practioner was rushing every single time but i brushed it off and kept telling myself what do I know? He does this for a living. He did not listen to concerns, didnt lower my hairline to where i wanted it, kept saying lets see what it looks like after this session, and then we got to the third session and told me its too late now. Well why didn't you do it the last session when i asked you too then? So basically after 3 session im not close to being done, it looked meh a few days after the third session when the redness had gone away and the pigment was still fresh, and under IDEAL lighting conditions, but a week later it looked faded and theirs noticeable patches on my head, he clearly didnt use a dark enough pigment. Thats my horrendous experience during the treatment. On to the piss poor customer service post treatment, like you guys have experienced and shared, ive tried online chat, emails, and 3 phone calls over the past 2 months and not once have i gotten a response or call back. The online chat has been interesting, so i tried multiple times and the person on the other end just stops replying after i explain the situation. So then i pretended to be a different person inquring about getting SMP treatments, and the person was replying instantly, i took screenshots of both conversations as proof. So basically I was being ignored on purpose. Makes you wonder what kind of company are we really dealing with here. I too am out thousand of dollars and have an incomplete product on my head, anyone have any ideas on what we should do? Something tells me we aren't going to get these problems resolved anytime soon nor will His Hair make things right and issue refunds so we can atleast fix these problems somewhere else, have any of you contemplated calling your credit cards and explaining the situation and seeing if they would do a chargeback? Thats honestly a route im contemplating doing as i just want this nightmare dealt with.
  27. Consulation.

    Who is the best practitioner in Birmingham?
  28. Does anyone have any experience to share regarding fue dotted scars coverage with smp I have had 3000 plus grafts from one session 4 years ago I was stupid and went for it thinking I will have a head of hair again but it's far from it I have a restored hairline but there isn't a point of that if the top of your head is still.thinning bald.looks a bit honest I want to get smp on the sides and back where my donor was taken from.and 0 guard as I have significant patchiness and especially below my crown there is a very noticeable.patch where the hair taken was not evenly done so. Up top I wouldn't mind getting the procedure but I am wary as to how it will match up I would need extensive treatment on the scars Would they all blend to the same appearance as the top sides and back as they are pretty much different canvases to be working on I am Asian and have slightly brown skin I'm not extremely dark or light. So if there any examples of anyone with the same.or similar issues please help me out as I want to put an end to just scrolling through peoples stories and not taking action myself
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