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  2. Does anyone have any experience to share regarding fue dotted scars coverage with smp I have had 3000 plus grafts from one session 4 years ago I was stupid and went for it thinking I will have a head of hair again but it's far from it I have a restored hairline but there isn't a point of that if the top of your head is still.thinning bald.looks a bit honest I want to get smp on the sides and back where my donor was taken from.and 0 guard as I have significant patchiness and especially below my crown there is a very noticeable.patch where the hair taken was not evenly done so. Up top I wouldn't mind getting the procedure but I am wary as to how it will match up I would need extensive treatment on the scars Would they all blend to the same appearance as the top sides and back as they are pretty much different canvases to be working on I am Asian and have slightly brown skin I'm not extremely dark or light. So if there any examples of anyone with the same.or similar issues please help me out as I want to put an end to just scrolling through peoples stories and not taking action myself
  3. SMP for multiple bad HT victim

    How much hair do you have on top. I know your scars are the problem.but do you have enough on top to feel confident enough?
  4. Hello, I have been surfing the smp forums for his for a while now Im 26 and I had a fue surgery done 4 years ago and tbh the results are not what I expected I was young and rushed to the first place I saw I had this done abroad I didnt know much about the procedure but I was so fixated on having hair I went for it without a second thought. They seemed to have harvested quite a lot of grafts from the back and sides of my head and in some places excessively than others. When I grow it out it doesn't look to bad but because of just behind my crown they took too many there seems to he a significant bald thinning patch which was never there before. I want to know how well smp will camouflage my scars. Will it look like shaven hair on the scars or look different to the rest of my sides of my scalp. I am really on the edge as to what to do. I have considered more fue but like I mentioned the donor was harvested in such a manner that taking more an absolute disaster, if it isn't already. I am of Asian descent so I have relatively brown skin. From.what I have read this is more ideal than a caucasian skin colour but I still am wary because to be honest there aren't any real examples of Asian men on here who have had the procedure generally or even for FUE scars I could do with some.genuine advice from.someone who has a better idea of this sort of situation. I wouldn't mind getting my whole head done. I have a good hairline from the fue and near the crown but the middle of my head wasnt attended to in the procedure so this is the only area which causes me to believe my fue was not a success but I want to know if different areas will end up looking the same.once buzzed down. I'm not a fan of balding my.head but I wouldn't mind a 0 guard look. Will my fue scar area, along with the implanted area and my significantly thinned bald patch on the top all end up looking the same. If there is anyone on here that could help me out would be totally grateful as I feel extremely hopeless as to how to fight this problem and not end up regretting it. Sorry for the long essay but I haven't really been on forums before and this subject has become.more of an issue for me.
  5. SMP into Scar

    Very similar to my story. The scar is looking great now. You were lucky that one laser session did the trick. I've had two and still some pigments remain. Hoping with a bit of derma rolling and bio oil. I'll be in a better place to get more SMP into the scar.
  6. I need help please

    Did fraxel help your scar? Any pics?
  7. Smp isn’t a miracle cure for scars. Scars can be very unpredictable and some may not take the ink very well. I shaved my hair to a 1 and got smp into my scar. It didn’t cover very well so on the second session, again didn’t cover too well. The ink was fading into my scar. I left my hair a bit longer and he went darker which helped to some degree but it still wasn’t giving me enough concealment for my liking. I then shaved all my hair off and the ink was too dark. I had to have two laser sessions to get rid of the pigment. There are still some that remain. I am now using bio oil to help and started derma rolling my scar. Will then get some more smp done. In total I had 4 sessions into my scar and it didn't work too well. Now my scar is on show to the world as I've shaved my hair off. I did have pictures and a thread but it's been deleted for some reason.
  8. Smp moisturizing tanning and anti-shine

    Cover your head with a bandana and go on the sun bed every so often.
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  10. When can I stop wearing a hat?

    Appreciate the response. Based on the guidelines I read everywhere online, it does say to wait 30 days before going sunbathing, saunas, etc. But my question was more with regards to everyday normal exposure to sun.
  11. I am beyond stunned that His Hair is choosing to not respond to our messages we left in regards to fixing the poor work that we got in Toronto from their inexperienced practitioner. I am willing to travel to another location and don't need or want to go back to Toronto at this point to get this smp procedure sorted out.
  12. Sunblock / sunscreen

    I've had 2 sessions done as well recently. And as I've been trying to go the organic route before the SMP I've bought this to use along with a hat where possible (recent sunny UK weather) They also do another day cream sp15 which I'll most likely purchase
  13. When can I stop wearing a hat?

    I think they say 30 days
  14. Consulation.

    go for it! if that hairline goes back any more youll be combing your ass
  15. Consulation.

    Dude...I wish I had your hair...just shave it and forget SMP for now...your hairline will look great shaved
  16. Consulation.

    Why don't you shave your head every single day for the next 6 months, and then decide... because that's what you'll be doing when you get SMP. I assume you have shaved your hair short before, so you know if you like the look?
  17. Consulation.

    Hi all, Taking the plunge and going for it. I'm fed up of my receding hairline. Its becoming a f***** nightmare to style it. Have a consultation on Saturday at Birmingham Clinic. Anything you guys can recommend? Any technicians that are highly rated. At 29 I'm looking to go for the sharp hairline look but not over exaggerated. I work in a professional environment (IT) and I'm about to start a new job, its also playing on my mind as I dont want to look a thug as meeting clients will be a daily to do. Anyway pics of current hairline. Cheers!
  18. Still nothing. I can't fathom why they're being so unprofessional across the entire company. Does ANYONE know how to get in contact? Ive emailed, called, whatsapped, site chat, messaging on this forum, everything and theyve 100% ghosted.
  19. Hi everyone, New here and I am 6 days post my second session as I'm writing this. I tried searching the forums for my questions but can't seem to find it, so trying my luck creating a new topic here. On a regular basis, I say I'm outside (under the sun) between 10-30 minutes, be it walking to and from my car, or just walking to places. I've been wearing a hat every time I'm outside to protect my newly SMP'd scalp. My question is how many days after my last session can I stop wearing hats and just put SPF lotioins/moisutrizer on my scalp moving forward? Thanks in advance!
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  21. Good vs bad SMP What to look for?

    In my experience, in the weeks after getting it done it looks like the small dots/hair follicles you mention... however, over time (few months) the dots begin to fade. Then if you get a top up, the practitioners cannot line the dots up perfectly, so you end up with the smudge effect you mentioned.
  22. Well 2 weeks in the Spanish summer sun doesn't appear to have had any adverse effect on my SMP. I used the Avene SPF50 and later SPF30 and came back with only a little colour on my head, and no other ill effects. Two and a half months until session 3......
  23. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Just back from 2 weeks in Valencia and the beautiful Costa Blanca. I used the Avene products exclusively on my head, starting with the SPF50 (and even then putting on a baseball hat when I thought I'd had enough exposure). However it soon became clear the the hat wasn't needed and in fact the SPF50 was overkill (I do recall Ian telling me he used SPF30 in Dubai). So for the last week or so I used just SPF30 and no hats, and even then I've come home with only a little colour on my head. Good result I think.
  24. SMP and ~ 100 Lb weight loss

    Also, if SMP can "migrate" to other parts of the head as they age. I understand tattoos can move but not sure about how skin cells move on the scalp.
  25. SMP and ~ 100 Lb weight loss

    Hey all, I plan on losing around 100 pounds. I'm 260 ish and 5'6. Would anyone know if this would screw up my SMP as I know I'll be losing a lot of weight in the face area too.
  26. I've tried just about every avenue they have available of contacting them and absolutely nothing in response...
  27. If all the clients that had their work done in Toronto by this inexperienced practitioner can not have this matter resolved by His Hair in a timely manner than the only other solution is that refunds should be given to us so that we can source out another place to have our smp procedures finished correctly. It is not fair to the clients that have paid thousands of dollars only to have poor results.If you payed to have your car painted and they only painted half the car you would expect a refund. This is not good for their reputation to leave us clients hanging like this and not return calls.
  28. Same here, still absolutely zero response and the run-around from whoever answers the Canadian line. This is absolutely ridiculous and scammy. I honestly just was a refund at this point and feel hesitant to deal with HIS again. Cant even get a call back or message from anyone in UK.
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