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  2. From where I am located in Canada I have to travel to get my smp procedure done. I made a huge mistake originally going to Toronto to get my procedure done when I should have just went to Birmingham in the first place where the the skill level of the practitioner is at its highest. The recent procedure that I had done at the Birmingham His by the talented skilled practitioner was night and day compared to the inferior work I had done at the Toronto His. I was very relieved and very stress free after leaving the appointment in Birmingham. It cost me a little more to get my smp done by travelling to the United Kingdom but it was definitely worth every penny in the end.
  3. Soften Hairline Pics

    It's been almost 7 years since my first sesh, how time flies. Well I have aged since then and want to soften up my hairline and have a more natural look. Have you guys softened your hairline after SMP? Please share your photos, experiences, and advice. Thank you!
  4. I'm glad that worked out for you but personally the cost of going all the way there plus having to then pay for the treatment to correct what they did incorrectly is not feasible for me. I just want a refund, I feel confident that with the money I get back that I can find another talented practitioner in the GTA if not a little further. It's a shame HIS wont help even if I call the Birmingham line to ask to speak to administration regarding a refund.
  5. Contact His Birmingham in regards to an appointment and they will get back to you. Pay to have your procedure completed. His Toronto is a ghost and just move on because it will put you in a better place mentally. I was sick of looking in the mirror at what the former Toronto practitioner did to my head and I said enough is enough and wanted to get this sorted out. You will not regret going to Birmingham because it is well worth it to see the artist that they have working there
  6. That's great how were you able to organize that without the company being responsive whatsoever to the Canadian clients? I have continually been trying and same old BS. We definitely should not have to pay for that and I am hesitant to deal with this company ever again because if they can screw over clients in one country and take zero accountability for it, then they can surely do it in another. Like seriously not so much as an e-mail, message, phone call to address the situation for months on end is unjustifiable.
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  8. I recently went to His Hair in Birmingham, England and they went out of their way to finish my smp correcting the work of the former Toronto practitioner. They are 100% professional at the Birmingham location and the smp technician was very talented at concealing the horseshoe pattern with proper density. The quality of their work is amazing in Birmingham and I am happy that I stepped it up and went to the UK to get quality work done by an artist. I had to pay for the session and I have no regrets because I finally have peace of mind. I am really looking forward to this session healing up and not having to wear a hat 24/7
  9. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Take a look at what 2mm had done. Your hair loss looks pretty close to his and I think his is the best result of anyone I've seen online.
  10. Nope. It genuinely didn't - not before my holiday anyway (see earlier posts).
  11. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Best thing to do is go for a consultation👍 Might even be able to have it over FaceTime
  12. Newbie: Will SMP work?

    Hi all, New to the group and looking to advice. I wondered whether those who are still in the process of balding could get SMP? I’ve attached an image of the top of my head facing a window. As you can see I have miniaturisation all over, but still have some sort of a hairline. This is 5 days growth (my hair grows annoyingly quick and the horseshoe part is also quite thick). I usually BIC my head right down and have done for 2 years now (I’m 31). I basically want to have a buzzed look with a complete hairline. After discovering SMP my missus filled in my hairline with her make-up (manliest evening of my life) but I really liked how it looked. I wasn’t sure however if SMP would be applicable to someone who is still losing their hair as I am. Would they do the whole head and allow my natural hair to grow through or just do it around the hair? Sorry if this question is stupid..
  13. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    You’ve got no hair on your head. Of course it’s going to shine. Own it;-)
  14. Yea I'm not overly concerned about the cost of touch-ups, although I'd hope not to be back within 2 years! I agree, I have 2 session left to get it the way I want it, within the orignal quoted cost. I think it will be fine. By the way the shine doesn't seem to be going away any further.
  15. Still haven't received any response... The person who answers the phone just keeps lying and saying she'll have someone reach out to me and no one ever calls or emails or anything. Does ANYONE have a suggestion as to how I can get in contact with admin of the company at all at this point? I can't believe they can be so scammy like this towards their clientele of an entire country.
  16. Do I have the head shape?

    Hi guys, currently wear a system but am thinking of moving to smp. I’ve always had a slightly wonky head, (see childhood photo) and am wondering if I’d suit smp. Any recommendations appreciated
  17. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    You’ve made the hardest decision to decision to get it done- it looks great and just enjoy it now! You have the luxury of a 4th session if it fades. By the way the 3rd session is the best! Just enjoy and if you need it topped up in 2 years time for £500- deal with it then. Some people spend that on a holiday, a pair of jeans- 5 nights out. This is for you and your confidence.
  18. Hi Genetics, Thanks, yea it's good advice not to over-analyse etc, and I think I need to point out that despite my earlier posts I'm not actually worrying about this. Looking at some of your other posts it seems you aren't terribly thilled with your SMP, just want to point out that's not where I'm at, or (I believe) where I'm headed. I'm still very happy with this and don't regret for a moment the decision to go ahead with it. That said, I think I have experienced a tiny bit of what you are describing, yes the dots do look more prominent at the start and become less so over a couple of months. But mine still look great, especially in outdoor light. I do think it's bit light overall, particularly in some indoor lighting conditions, but hey I've only had two sessions and we'll see what comes out of the third one next month. And one thing I'm very sure of, it looks a whole lot better than a bald scalp! I do now shave every night before bed though and I think it looks best immediately after shaving. Even then though I can still see the bits where I have thicker hair, which is why I suggest that the job isn't finished yet I've tried wet shaving too and quite like the smooth feel afterwards (it's quicker too). The shine thing took me a bit by surprise but I now feel I may be heading back more or less to where I was before my holiday. And there's always PTR if I'm really concerned, which currently I am not. (Where this leaves me with the sunblock situ though I've no idea). On the basis of your experience I may not be rushing for too many top ups..... but I really don't obsess about this like I did with my previous concealer routine...... the SMP looks perfectly natural in my opinion and everyone is used to my new look now and no one scrutinises it. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say I'm very thankful that this has liberated me from the concealer routine
  19. Old Chicago client looking for some info

    hey man i was wondering if you went for your fourth session ?
  20. SMP in FUT scar vs FUE scar

    Hey, If a transplant fail and someone decide to shave his head already. Would it be easier to cover the scar of a fut or a fue ? I know smp into a scar can make things really hard and it can take A LOT of sessions and most time the tattoo will fade more rapidly.
  21. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I would try to stop analyzing and worrying about it if I was you. Easier said than done. It's a tattoo, it will fade, your head will appear shiny in certain lighting, you have no hair, it's inevitable. And yes, from my experience you will have to shave it everyday, otherwise it won't match up. If I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't have had my SMP. You end up replacing one obsession (losing hair) with another... does it look noticeable today, is it fading, I better not forget to shave, do I need another 500 pound top up? Can I laser it off, but then will that be noticeable. You will drive yourself crazy.
  22. Yea maybe, I was aware of this issue but it took a certain type of lighting to show it up. My head was actually quite matte and in all normal lighting conditions it was grand. After my holiday I noticed a real change to much more shine. It's settled down a bit now but not quite as good as it was before yet. PTR is a great product and cured the issue. But it's not really necessary now. There does appear to have been a bit of fading/lightening though. This isn't finished yet.
  23. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Isn't the top of head shots me not a unfortunate side effect of balding rather than just having no hair? One of the reasons that avoiding shine is one of the big issues with SMP. If you have a shiny bonce it's a dead giveaway!
  24. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Well perhaps not such as good a result as I thought. I noticed really bad shine shortly after returning from holiday and things are only getting more or less back to where they were now (over a month after returning). Not sure if this was caused by the sunblock???? Anyway it was bad enough that I don't want it to happen again. I also think my SMP may have faded a bit. Again not sure if that was the sun, sunblock, or neither. Session 3 next month so will get it sorted. Although I have another sunshine holiday coming up at the end of November and I now might be back to square one re sunscreen
  25. I may have been a bit too hasty with that last post. The shine has since abated quite a bit and things are nearly back to where they were - over a month after returning from holiday! I ended up only using PTR for a very short time and am now no longer using it. But I do think my SMP may have lightened/faded further. I seem to really need a fresh shave to the bone for it to blend well in indoor lighting. Not sure what's going on. Aw well, session 3 next month. Guess I can wait to get it sorted then - although I'm now a bit concerned about another step change in appearance.....
  26. Thinning hair smp

    i have this issue also. With a full head of thinning hair, would shaving it be better fit for the treatment?
  27. Post SMP

    I think I'd take their advice and weather it out. Maybe you could lightly tap it rather than rub it with a soft towel. I'm no 100% either way. It's only a few days to put up with it
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