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  2. When can I stop wearing a hat?

    Appreciate the response. Based on the guidelines I read everywhere online, it does say to wait 30 days before going sunbathing, saunas, etc. But my question was more with regards to everyday normal exposure to sun.
  3. I am beyond stunned that His Hair is choosing to not respond to our messages we left in regards to fixing the poor work that we got in Toronto from their inexperienced practitioner. I am willing to travel to another location and don't need or want to go back to Toronto at this point to get this smp procedure sorted out.
  4. Sunblock / sunscreen

    I've had 2 sessions done as well recently. And as I've been trying to go the organic route before the SMP I've bought this to use along with a hat where possible (recent sunny UK weather) They also do another day cream sp15 which I'll most likely purchase
  5. When can I stop wearing a hat?

    I think they say 30 days
  6. Consulation.

    go for it! if that hairline goes back any more youll be combing your ass
  7. Consulation.

    Dude...I wish I had your hair...just shave it and forget SMP for now...your hairline will look great shaved
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  9. Consulation.

    Why don't you shave your head every single day for the next 6 months, and then decide... because that's what you'll be doing when you get SMP. I assume you have shaved your hair short before, so you know if you like the look?
  10. Consulation.

    Hi all, Taking the plunge and going for it. I'm fed up of my receding hairline. Its becoming a f***** nightmare to style it. Have a consultation on Saturday at Birmingham Clinic. Anything you guys can recommend? Any technicians that are highly rated. At 29 I'm looking to go for the sharp hairline look but not over exaggerated. I work in a professional environment (IT) and I'm about to start a new job, its also playing on my mind as I dont want to look a thug as meeting clients will be a daily to do. Anyway pics of current hairline. Cheers!
  11. Still nothing. I can't fathom why they're being so unprofessional across the entire company. Does ANYONE know how to get in contact? Ive emailed, called, whatsapped, site chat, messaging on this forum, everything and theyve 100% ghosted.
  12. Hi everyone, New here and I am 6 days post my second session as I'm writing this. I tried searching the forums for my questions but can't seem to find it, so trying my luck creating a new topic here. On a regular basis, I say I'm outside (under the sun) between 10-30 minutes, be it walking to and from my car, or just walking to places. I've been wearing a hat every time I'm outside to protect my newly SMP'd scalp. My question is how many days after my last session can I stop wearing hats and just put SPF lotioins/moisutrizer on my scalp moving forward? Thanks in advance!
  13. Good vs bad SMP What to look for?

    In my experience, in the weeks after getting it done it looks like the small dots/hair follicles you mention... however, over time (few months) the dots begin to fade. Then if you get a top up, the practitioners cannot line the dots up perfectly, so you end up with the smudge effect you mentioned.
  14. Well 2 weeks in the Spanish summer sun doesn't appear to have had any adverse effect on my SMP. I used the Avene SPF50 and later SPF30 and came back with only a little colour on my head, and no other ill effects. Two and a half months until session 3......
  15. Sunblock / sunscreen

    Just back from 2 weeks in Valencia and the beautiful Costa Blanca. I used the Avene products exclusively on my head, starting with the SPF50 (and even then putting on a baseball hat when I thought I'd had enough exposure). However it soon became clear the the hat wasn't needed and in fact the SPF50 was overkill (I do recall Ian telling me he used SPF30 in Dubai). So for the last week or so I used just SPF30 and no hats, and even then I've come home with only a little colour on my head. Good result I think.
  16. SMP and ~ 100 Lb weight loss

    Also, if SMP can "migrate" to other parts of the head as they age. I understand tattoos can move but not sure about how skin cells move on the scalp.
  17. SMP and ~ 100 Lb weight loss

    Hey all, I plan on losing around 100 pounds. I'm 260 ish and 5'6. Would anyone know if this would screw up my SMP as I know I'll be losing a lot of weight in the face area too.
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  19. I've tried just about every avenue they have available of contacting them and absolutely nothing in response...
  20. If all the clients that had their work done in Toronto by this inexperienced practitioner can not have this matter resolved by His Hair in a timely manner than the only other solution is that refunds should be given to us so that we can source out another place to have our smp procedures finished correctly. It is not fair to the clients that have paid thousands of dollars only to have poor results.If you payed to have your car painted and they only painted half the car you would expect a refund. This is not good for their reputation to leave us clients hanging like this and not return calls.
  21. Same here, still absolutely zero response and the run-around from whoever answers the Canadian line. This is absolutely ridiculous and scammy. I honestly just was a refund at this point and feel hesitant to deal with HIS again. Cant even get a call back or message from anyone in UK.
  22. I see that now! Thanks for the heads-up. (Pun.)
  23. Few questions from a newbie

    This is probably true, with regards to how ink reacts differently for everyone... mine looks ok for a few months after top ups, but I cannot justify spending 500 pounds every 6 months because it fades. And it isn't like I am in the sun much. Definitely something to consider.
  24. Few questions from a newbie

    Hello I’ve had smp for about 18 months now & I’m a bit of a bugger for going in the sun, I do wear sun cream most of the time & I haven’t experienced any sort of fading I’ve even burnt my head and it peeled, still no change some people just hold the ink better than others
  25. I apologise if these have been answered, which I'm sure they have, but it's sometimes a lot quicker to ask directly than doing a search. For someone that would always have his head protected by a cap in the sun, how often would a touch up be needed? I know it's different for each person, but I imagine sun exposure is a big part of things? I also go running every day, but only sweat in the summer. Have a balanced diet, which I guess means I don't put weight on due to my excessive running, but love junk food and sugary food. Don't drink alcohol. How much is the average touch up? It seems like it's an important question, as obviously having SMP isn't just the initial job, but every touch up afterwards. Does anyone also have any kind of FAQ about everything? The site itself doesn't appear to? Cheers
  26. I had read on here that Zang is one of the best and was a former His Hair practitioner but opted to open his own business. I would still like to at least give His Hair a chance to correct my smp work done by the inexperienced practitioner in Toronto that has since bailed on them. I just want an experienced practitioner that knows what they are doing to to sort this out and get my smp finished to a high standard.
  27. Zang in Los Angeles, if you’re looking for the very best.
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