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nothing to worry about,had my first treatment with #### Thursday past,really pleased so far.The pain was more annoying and time past really quickly.I have second day before you are due,im excited about it already.

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How did the treatment go what hairline did you go for. I still have quite a lot of hair probably nw2/3 but want to have the hairline filled in, I have fine to medium hair thickness and am a little worried how big the dots will be to compared to my existing hair. I think I will be going with a very soft hairline as I think this will be the most realistic for me. I also want a hairline that will suit me as I get older I'm 31 now and don't want to have a hairline of a teenager when I'm in my sixties . I'm sure that #### c will be able to give me the results that I am looking for my treatment is this Friday nervous but excited

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I have a hairline from 2 transplants so went with that and brought sides in a bit,went for the most natural look for me,imo,did nt go for a full on dense look on top and have the sides lighter and softer.

Best to play about with an eye liner once you have shaved your head,did mine day before I was due.

You ve got to know what you want,can never give them enough info.

They will decide on the shade but is for you to decide density,hairline,broken or jagged,sides ect.You are right,go for a natural look.

Days before I went I had played about with an eye liner but once I shaved I then changed the sides.

Pauls a great guy ,he will keep you right.

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Got my treatment done today all went well very pleased with outcome so far. #### c said the pigment has taken very well so hopefully won't fade much as it look spot on at the moment. The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 1 maybe a 2 I took no pain killers and had no problem. All I could really feel was the vibration of the gun and ####'s hands on my head but apart from that not much else. #### gave me exactly what I asked for a very soft slightly receded hairline. The pigment #### suggested was 26 and I took his advice and think I will stick with this next time if it doesn't fade to much I will put some pics on as soon as I can.

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