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2 years out and still AMAZED!!



Its been a while since I've been on the forum/blog, but I felt it only fitting as I just got back from my two year touch up with Zang in LA. As always I was pleasantly greeted upon my arrival by the HIS staff. As I walked in I was given compliments by the staff on how well my treatment looked. Little did these people know it was already two years old. So let me start there. After being a Norwood 7 for pretty much all of my mid to late twenties and having just 3 previous sessions done I cannot express how happy I am that I made the decision to get the treatment and get on with enjoying my life. I am still AMAZED at how great my treatment looks after two years. I still til this day get compliments, questions, admiration, and looks at my hairline. In the two years I have had my treatment I have had such a boost in confidence. I've meet my future wife, been promoted several times in my job, and have not put on a hat unless I've been cold or attended a sports function. My only regret is that I didn't get this treatment done sooner. So you may be wondering why I went back for a touch up. For two reasons; 1. It was a personal preference not a need and 2. I had not taken the advice of the forum/staff and protected my head from the sun as I should (1 degree burns to my scalp from a trip to Mexico). Now let me clarify, that although I had burned the top of my scalp and was stuck inside for two days due to burns over my entire body, my treatment still looked damn good! But I had noticed some lightening on the crown. So after a one and a half hour touch up, some good conversation with the ever so talented, spectacular, and dashing Zang, and a little bit of pain I'm looking fresher than ever. Maybe now I'll wear a hat when I'm in the Mexico sun too..or at least some sun block.

Thank you HIS for everything!! I could not have asked for a more professional, courteous, and caring group of people. You are the standard in SMP!! You set the bar!!


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