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My His Experience


I recently had my first two sessions (July 12 &19) with Zang at the Los Angeles location HIS.


Such an incredible experience and I only wish I would have chosen HIS from the beginning.


I actually decided to go to a different company for my first session (plus one follow up visit). Probably the largest competitor HIS has here in the states, they are based in the northern mid-west and I'll just refer to them as GL.


At the time, April 2010, I believe HIS only had a New York location and not a large presence, and or reputation in the United States. GL had a very strong marketing presence and their location was much closer and more convenient for me. My experience there was fine; people where very nice and accommodating, but in hindsight the experience completely pails in comparison to my HIS experience with Zang.


Zang understands the process, because he has experienced it himself. He also listens, is EXTEMELY THOROUGH and DILIGENT, and understands that you are there to get results. Unlike my previous experience elsewhere, where it seemed they wanted to make sure I would have to schedule further appointments.


It has been two weeks since my last session and I couldn't be happier with my results and I give HIS my absolute highest recommendation! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via this blog. I can also give you hotel and restaurant recommendations to make your stay as comfortable and efficient as possible.


If anyone is more interested as to why my experience with GL was different to HIS, let me know. I would be more than happy to go into further detail.


I also plan to write about my whole hair loss/hair loss compensation journey in future blog posts. Trust me when I say I have experienced it all... because I have ;)

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Hey Glen!


I hope you are well, we are so happy to see that you enjoyed your experience here in California!


Zang asked me to reply on his behalf to thank you for the kind words! He really appreciates your gratitude, but assures me that he just wants to ensure that everyone who visits one of the HIS clinics has a great time and receives the treatment they deserve! 


Let us know how the pigmentation settles, if you have any questions in the upcoming weeks please feel free to get in touch with us in the Customer Service team (1-855-447-4247)- we're happy to provide advice and if we need to follow up anything with Zang - we can certainly do that on your behalf! He'll actually be in Seattle in the upcoming months and we'll be sure to be in touch to arrange a follow up assessment if you need!  


Most importantly - enjoy your new style!


Thanks again!


HIS Hair Los Angeles, 

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