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Case Study Photo



blog-0954238001366323219.jpg17th April 2013

The whole idea of the case study photo is to get people who have had the treatment done for a while to have their photo taken so HIS can update their Case Study Section on the website because all the "After photos" are all taken straight after and this means that the SMP is still red, so HIS want settled After Photos, In return you get a 2 hour treatment to take whenever you like. They do not specify if you have to be chosen or not, so......I thought that having a 2 hour treatment in the bag would be good to have and also I do want to help people who are on the fence about this treatment.


I have plug scars and they don't have too many plug scar examples.


I have gone for the high hairline receded look and also it is a light pigment.


I was a little disappointed that my picture was to be taken with the small camera they use for their customer files, I did think that there was gong to be a professional Photographer taking the shots. If I had know this I could have brought my backdrop Flash lights and my DSLR. I am not blaming Damon he didn't know why I was there. A bit of communication would have been good here as I came in from Reading especially and took a half a day off work.


Damon and I had a laugh anyway. He took some photo's but I or Damon have no idea what is going to happen to them whether they are going to be used in the case studies or not, or whether I will get a 2hr treatment in the bag for my troubles.


I also thought that I would be taking to a person about my earlier before shots as I do have a few all taken with a DSLR, ( with hair, shaven) different than my Diary.


I would like to know...




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I got a similar treatment Tesla. I arrived at my designated time to find a professional photographer about to depart in a waiting taxi. Fortunately for me he had left his mobile phone at the clinic so was back waiting at the door. When he noticed me stood behind him he asked if I was Rob? When I confirmed that I was he ran back to the car, grabbed a camera (nothing else) and asked me to follow him quickly upstairs. We went in to one of the treatment rooms where a treatment was actually taking place (Just so we could use the HIS logo behind the photos) and he took about 6 photos. It was all over in about 60 seconds. Nothing else was mentioned or discussed by anybody. The photographer apologised for his haste and off he went in his waiting cab. If hadn't have been having a touch up session then I'd have felt a bit peeved at driving over 200 miles and 4 hours for just that.


Fortunately, I had a session booked and I'm extremely happy with what was achieved in that session with #### Flaherty so left the clinic with a big smile on my face.


I, too would like some feedback on what HIS intend to do. If my photos aren't great then I won't lose any sleep over them not being used for the site. I think my treatment looks better NOW than when the photos were taken in any case (I had some fading spots at rear and had my profiles softened).

Like you, the initial telpehone call said that we HAD been chosen to be a case study in return for a free future treatment but the email confirmation stated it was for an assessment and photographs, no mention of case study nor the free session.



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Cheers Robby

I'm glad you got sorted, they always do, well they did with me.

Maybe they forgot about me or the photographer didn't know.


I don't know!



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I'd be interested if you could keep us up to date with your ordinary tattoo removal, Not that I have any that I wish to remove, just a genuine interest.

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Not a word Robby, have you?


In regards to the tattoo removal I have tried to remove it before so it would not be from the beginning of the process.



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