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Has anyone gone from Hair units to SMP



hi all, i am obviously considering going for this treatment. i have read lots of comments in the forum so wont ask the same old common questions. But is there anyone out there who used to have hair units and has had this treatment done. Are you happy with the results. Cos it would be a different experience, as the units these days look very real. So you would be going from the full head of hair look to the short look. The main reason i am considering this, is the freedom not to rely on those damm units. I just want to know how did that experince feel, and are you happy with the change.


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Hello confused.


I used to wear a unit. A very expensive one.


Videos and pictures looked amazing. The unit looked good for the firt two months but then it all went dowhill (fraying of the front lace, discoloration, burnt knots, ecc,ecc)


I was extremely disappointed by the overall experience.


I had enough of it roughly 3 years ago and stopped wearing hair. I have been shaving since.


My worry is to go through the same roller coster of emotions with this type of treatment. I must say videos and pictures look very promising. I think that they should work more on the hairlines as some of them are just too sharp and defined.


I am planning to have a consultation in August either in Manchester or Birningham. If they are able to produce a more '' zig zag " like hairline by placing few dots "out of place" I really think that this has the potential to be the best thing around for hiding/treating baldness.


fingers crossed,

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I wore units for about 6 years, starting off with expensive clinic ones and going on to custom internet ones (which were far better!). I didn't go directly from units to SMP, since I shaved my head for a handful of years in between. Saying that, SMP is the FAR better option. 


Those of us who have used units (quality ones) know that they are fairly undetectable and in ideal conditions can look amazing. However the maintenance is incredibly time consuming, the paranoia about being detected, and always worrying about if your unit is looking at its best etc, it all wears you down. 


The hairline of SMP is really up to the client. If you don't ask for a sharp defined hairline, you won't get one. To me the treatment looks natural and unlike a unit, it allows you to forget about hairloss and move on, which is what we all want deep down. No matter how good a unit is, every x days you still have to take it off and remind yourself that you're a bald guy living a lie. With MHT the treatment becomes a part of who you are, it changes your own self-image and that's very important.

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