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Meet with Gordon



Gorden is the fella in one of the case studies, he also has plug scars, I met him before I had the treatment done and also told him I would come back up to see him once I had finished the treatment just so he could see how it looked.

We had a great old chat about how and why we both had HT's and how naive we both were. If we could only turn back time, moving on you just have to deal with the present and correct the past, this is why both our paths have lead here to HIS.

I told Gordon to be brutally honest with me ( I knew he would ), He like it and said that it looked good on me, he had a real close look and said he can see my scars but he is looking for them but if you were Joe Bloggs on the street then you wouldn't. This was good to hear.


He did mention the difference in skin colour I have between my top and sides of my head, I would like to get some sun on the sides of my head. This is the same pigment all over my head and yet the top looks way darker just because my top has a tan and the sides don't. Gordon said it looks like that I have just shaved my head.


If you are reading this Gordon, thanks for the chat, it was nice to catch up and thanks for the advice.




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