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Tan Line on my head



I was asked about my tan line on my head at a big do at the golf club last night.


This is where my face and bald head have been in the sun for the last 20 years, I just said I have been trying to get rid of it but it won't go, at least they didn't say something about my hair of lack of it. I did feel a bit awkward in a room of 120 men and I was the only one with a shaven head, but one one said anything I am not worried about the top of my head even though it has got some bumps and pen prick holes from the HT's, I am more worried about the shine from my scars. I did put on No 7 and my wife did say that that might soak in after a while so I put on Mac over the No 7 and it did the trick.


I do exfoliate but the tan is still there after a year, the funny thing about it is the top of my head's SMP is darker than the rest of my head's even though the same colour pigment was used just because of the tan, I would have thought that this was the other way around, ah well.




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