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  2. Anyone in Geneva, Switzerland ?

    Yes me! We can have a chat iy you like...I live in Geneva...
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  4. SMP after FUE

    Cant shave it down as its too light i need the length for better coverage if i shave it down it wud be evident that im losing hair. I plan to shave it down right before the SMP that way no body will be able to tell. the scarring is basic FUE scarring. tiny white dots in the safe zone of the donor area.
  5. Suivi de traitement

    Bientôt 2 ans que j’ai fait mon traitement. Toujours aussi satisfait, le temps passe et la dermopigmentation reste. je conseil vivement au personnes hésitantes de prendre contact avec sofiane. le résultat est bluffant !!
  6. SMP after FUE

    Considering SMP after FUE depends on your condition. Can you share pictures of your shaved scalp? It would be easy to check the pattern of FUE scars from pictures & suggest you in better manner.
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  8. Last week

    I think you should once try shaving your head and check yourself whether FUE dots are visible or not. They may be too small to be visible after shaving and you will no need for SMP. Just a piece of advice.
  10. Opinions about the SMP hue

    With a few more sessions the smp should be more consistent and camouflage a bit better. Based on your one picture there are multiple areas on top of your head (lighter areas) that need to be gradually filled in with a slightly darker pigment which will then match your existing hair on the sides. It is definitely fixable with a good practitioner that works with you to get the finished look that you desire.
  11. Opinions about the SMP hue

    Ok some update to the topic. After the 3rd session, I've noticed that they (HIS) like to go dark, what is good under certain lightning conditions. That is, when you have a bright (whitish) lightning on top of you. This makes the treated area lighter and it will match the sides and back. However, what follows is, when you have lightning in front of you (like a mirrored cabinet lights in a toilet), the SMP will appear quite dark compared to the sides. Actually it looks pretty bad, from the back it looks like you have painted your scalp blackish....I'm still researching how it performs under yellowish lightning on top of you, maybe not so well. It might be that HIS London went too dark, even though I asked for a natural pigment from the start and questioned the hue several times after. But I'm not sure yet, have to check back after some weeks. Also, I must warn you, HIS Clinic will not provide you any close up pics for the hairline styling options (they just tell you check our website). This is pretty bad, because ink is quite permanent solution and one would want to see the options beforehand, where to pick your favorite from. Anyway, I'm relieved to discover, that this thing looks good on me, at least under bright whitish lightning on top of me...I was already thinking about the laser removal, whether it would work out and so on...
  12. Fraxel laser will be the appropriate solution for your problem. All you have to do is visit an expert dermatologist, as he will suggest you which type of Fraxel laser is best for you.
  13. Advice on anti shine

    Saw a video on youtube of a guy using Monistat chafing/powder gel. Thought I'd give it a try and it does work well for me. I use it in combination with the headblade matte lotion. But like baldy-locks says, there will always be some shine after a few hours.
  14. SMP after FUE

    Hi all, Im new to this site. Iv had just over 2000 grafts FUE back in 2015 and although initially delighted for the first year or so post transplant, my native hair continued to go. I now use concealers and its gettin to me having to rely on them. presently if i shave the back and sides to less than a grade 1 u can see the scars. im strongly considering going SMP on top and into the scars. i look good wit a shaved head it was the lack of a prominent hairline that made me go transplant. any thoughts wud b much appreciated. has anyone seen an FUE patient get SMP after it wit good result.
  15. Scar looking for help

    Fraxel laser creates columns of destruction in the skin which stimulates new skin cells to grow and take place of damaged cells. So yes you should give it a try.
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  17. Hello everyone Has anyone had cobbling scars successfully covered. The other thing is the colour of my hair. I went to see someone in Manchester who after 30 seconds said it can not be done. Funny I thought as he hadn’t even checked the scars out. I know my full head would have to be done but im not looking for a 30 year old guys hair line.
  18. OMG! From your post, it seems like you had very bad luck with your hair transplant. Hair transplant surgeries are successful in most of the cases. But as you mentioned you have undergone transplant surgery a number of times, seems your surgeon had no experience of surgery before.
  19. Advice on anti shine

    Thank you baldy-locks!
  20. Sunbeds and smp

    Hi there, received the last of my 4 treatments in November last year so just wondering if anyone has had any experience in using sunbeds and how it could react to the smp. Getting married in April and was hoping to try and build up a bit of a tan for the wedding, mabye use them once a week for 5/6 weeks, obviously won't bother if they would cause fading. Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Advice on anti shine

    Best product by far is Peter Thomas Roth anti shine gel I’ve tried the lot lol mom works ok but after an hour on my head it became sticky, but yes use it after moisturiser has sunk in my rountine at the minute is... shave in the morning. Then I apply SmashBox pore minimiser, then PTR and get a good day of reduced shine one thing is, you’ll never get a perfect matte head all day, so have to live with a tiny bit of shine hope that helps
  22. Advice on anti shine

    Hello, I had SMP over a year ago and I have been using the Head Blade moisturizing lotion to reduce the shine. Now, because this lotion didn't work I have decided to try the milk of magnesia. Can I still use the Head Blade in combination with MOM? ideally I would like to just finish the bottle and use it as moisturizer. If yes, when? I always shave in the evening before going to sleep. Thanks in advance to whoever replies.
  23. Microneedling updates?

    I used it on my scalp for 6 sessions. No effect on smp at all.
  24. Scar looking for help

    Do you have smp in the scar? Fraxel will definetley help flatten it. In between your fraxel session use elastoplast scar silicone sheets to get a good result.
  25. HIS Hair Dubai

    Hello All, I have had a few sessions here at the clinic in Dubai and all of a sudden before my last they just disappeared. Tried so many times to reach the UK office but unsuccessful. Anyone have similar experoence or any advice?
  26. Bosley now Hishair

    So been waiting on a call back from he company for a few days and nothing yet.
  27. SMP progress

    SMP = 2d = fresh shave look i shave against the grain everyday so it blends perfectly & I’m a nw3 ish
  28. SMP progress

    Yes, that's exactly what I thought. So once the SMP has settled it'll blend best after a fresh shave. Daily shaving it is.
  29. Bosley now Hishair

    I don't want to knock Bosley but this has me scared to get a touchup. I had went to polish Mike back in 2015 and my SMP has faded completely. They also lost all the info on me and hope this doesn't become a problem with me getting a touchup.
  30. SMP progress

    I think I know what you mean. This is a pic I took the day after I had a top up (hairline softened). If you look close you can see the tiny pricks of ink. It's these that wash or fall off in time
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