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  3. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    I’m by no means an expert. But as with any cosmetic procedure in the world most work out well and some just don’t for whatever reason? The reason I went to HIS is I saw a guy on a bus with it and started speaking to him- I was the best I’ve seen online or in person ( I can notice them now I’ve had mine done!) He had his done 10 years ago and was just going back for his first top up. I was the first person to spot it and thankgod I did as it made up my mind to get it done & I thought perfect way it was - no top up needed As with anything if your 100% not sure but decide to take the plunge- go in light, not to pronounced and you can always build from there or I guess take it away ( laser if that’s the case! )
  4. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    I have had the treatment 5 years. I have had two tops since I originally had it done, and a few months after each it just goes back to what it was before, a grey blob with no distinction. It doesn't look like dots at my temple. What people forget is as soon as you have a top up, they cannot put the dots in the exact same spots, so they get a little bigger, until it's just a blob. I attached a picture but not best quality, but you should be able to see where there are small individual dots, its just a blob, and there is nothing HIS can do to fix it.
  5. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    Hey genetics, I seen in one of your old posts that you were thinking of getting the SMP laser off. - how long have you had the treatment ? - after 2-3 top ups are the results the same as when you first got it done? Cheers
  6. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    No you wouldn't be able to get away with that length... The only way someone could get away without having to shave, is if they had diffused thinning. How do you think it will look if you have that length, and then completely flat dots at the temple? You have similar hair loss to me, and I need to shave every morning, or it is noticeable. Better to know this in advanced, than go through with it and be disappointed. I cannot believe someone said you would only need to buzz every 3 days... makes me question their motives.
  7. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    When you say you wet shave, doesn’t this reveal the areas that haven’t had the smp? Im considering this treatment. Thanks Mike
  8. I'm absolutely convinced they aren't. Was a big concern for me...... not going back unless I can get the same practitioner! Thanks noircat, very happy so far! Great comments again SHVD..... sligtly darker is where I'll probably end up going, albeit I don't want a massive change at this point. It's pretty darn good as it is even after just 2 sessions. I think I might have been happier to have a bit of stubble if it wasn't for the grey. Those pesky wee silvery hairs really stand out in outdoor light. But I now genuinely really like the shaved look. A tiny part of me questions whether I actually need the 3rd session, but in some lighting conditions I'm still very convinced I do. Think I'd prefer to do something subtle in the 3rd session, leaving plenty of time before the (possible) free top-up session which would have to happen before 1st March. I did say I didn't think my head was very shiny . It does seem a bit shinier in some lighting conditions but if I'm really concerned (e.g. for very special occasions!) there is always the PTR.
  9. Smp moisturizing tanning and anti-shine

    a little update here, - for moisturizing I currently use "Harry's daily face lotion", which offers a spf15 and seems (in combination with PTR) very, very promising in terms of whole day ant-shine/sweat performance. Still investigating though. - For self tanning I switched to mousse or foam, whatever you wanna call it, which (for me) works so much better than creme or lotion, especially on the stubble areas of the head. I use "St. Tropez Classic mousse", but I guess you can also use cheaper brands, but definitely try out a mousse version! Notifier: I stopped caring about wether or not such products contain alcohol (I'm sure the mousse does), I havent noticed any effects so far and firmly believe that such effects will remain insignificant. But if you do care, be hereby warned. cheers!
  10. Considering Supplemental FUE

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the assessment of Norwood 3-4 came from a HIS competitor and indeed, this (I think excessive) estimation was one of the factors that lead me to looking elsewhere. I am 32 years old and have been on finasteride for 8 years. I count myself very lucky that I have experienced no further hair loss during this time nor have I experienced any side effects. When I first started to lose my hair, minox was the first port of call but unfortunately, I didn't see any benefits. Now, having had SMP done, minox is kind of off the table as the alcohol in it will fade the treatment prematurely. Nevertheless, I think the success I've had with finasteride alongside my strong donor area (and I hope, my realisitic expectations) would make me a good candidate for FUE. Thanks again!
  11. Considering Supplemental FUE

    You are not a numer 4 at all, how old are you and when did you start fina ? fina can comes nasty sides. minox could help you regrow some hairs on the thining part, but i think smp and minoxidil is not good together right
  12. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    It takes 4 days for me to ‘go down’
  13. I also live in toronto and was considering getting it done in the i am highly considering traveling to the UK to get it done. How long would you recommend i take a trip for if i fly to the UK to get it completed?
  14. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    Thanks JH-I’m aiming to keep this as unnoticeable as possible as my office mates would make it uncomfortable for me if they knew I got SMP. I admire those that keep their head on display throughout the entire process.
  15. I flew to Toronto for all my appointments and arrived to my appointment one time in particular and the door was locked. After that I was always scared that the practitioner would no show my appointment and I would have wasted my plane fare and hotel costs. I am still beyond stunned that His Hair allowed this practitioner to represent them in Canada. I want this matter resolved and my smp finished correctly. We all deserve to get what we paid for and it is not our fault their practitioner was incapable of doing a proper smp.
  16. Haha oh man this was me as well in 3 out of 4 sessions, waiting outside a locked door for him to show up. For the last session it seemed like he was coming from home and i was the only client for that day, and he was seeming super inconvenienced by the fact that he had to come in to work at 4pm to do my touchup session which as i mentioned lasted no more than 20 min. Atleast theres some comfort in not having been alone in this terrible experience. It seems all of us trusted this tech due to the reputation of HIS, but it seems they havent done any kind of quality assurance on his work. Not fair to us who've sunk a lot of money into this and in my case for nothing as the treated areas are barely present on my scalp anymore. Truly does feel like were in limbo.
  17. Gentlemen (and, I presume, some ladies), Let me start by saying thank you to all the major contributors to this forum. It is a fantastic resource for anyone considering SMP and ultimately, it was the information I gathered here that gave me the courage to get the treatment and, in turn, regain the confidence that MPB had stolen from me. It really is a tremendous service you provide. Anyway, a bit of background. As noted, I have received the treatment about a year ago and am exceedingly happy with it. With the help of Finasteride, I have managed to arrest my hair loss somewhere between a Norwood 3-4 and currently shave every day with a Philips rotary shaver. I am satisfied how I look that provides. With one exception. After shaving my head pre-treatment, I discovered I had some red hyperpigmentation on my scalp that I hadn’t previously been aware of, most probably from a burn I received a few years ago. Aside from the obvious aesthetic drawbacks, this scarring detracts from the treatment insofar as it calls into question why, when these imperfections exist, I would shave my hair so short in the first place. After a couple days of growth, the hyperpigmentation is basically invisible however, by that stage, the disparity between the ink and the hair is obvious. I think you see my problem. Having seen a couple of instances of SMP being combined with FUE to great success (at least as far as the photos would suggest), I am intrigued. Ultimately, the goal would be a zero guard buzzcut which I would maintain daily. A few questions; 1. How feasible is this? Are there any issues I’m not considering? 2. Given that I already have SMP, what kind of graft density would I be able to get away with? 50%? To reiterate, I would like to maintain short hair and really, just want enough around the hairline to add the 3D effect and enable me to wear a millimetre or two longer. 3. Below are a couple of photos of where I am at, taken in the harshest light possible. This is with a couple days growth to show both the difference between my remaining hair and the ink and the overall length I would like to achieve. With the density in mind, how many grafts do you think I would require? 4. I have good donor area. Would having my hair this short cause visible scars? 5. Are there any practitioners either in Britain or Ireland who have achieved good results with FUE/SMP combo? Price, while not inconsequential, is not something I’d scrimp on for something like this. Obviously I recognise this is no substitute for a proper consultation but with the level of knowledge I’ve seen on here, I just thought I’d dip my toe in the water so to speak. A lengthy post, I know and thanks a million to anyone whose read through it and even more to those who offer any input. Cheers, Gav
  18. Smp cut lengh

    I think it really depends on your hair type. If you have got corse dark hair than a foil shave will be best. For me my hair is so thin. I think I can get away with a 1
  19. The last appointment I went to he was late. I was standing outside the hair clinic doors in the office hallway awkwardly. I can tell you standing in front of a hair clinic door as people are working around you is not very relaxing.
  20. Tight time frame to get it done-Should I?

    I went into work today after having a 2 hour touch up session yesterday. Honestly couldn’t care less! Once it fades it loooks so so good. So just trust int he process and be honest with people. I’ve told the whole office!
  21. Such a shame. The customer service and quality of work I have had at Harley Street London has been incredible. My practitioner- not sure your allowed to say who- has been so so good. Really cares about you and the work they do!
  22. Tips on how to look good with shaved head

    Absolute rubbish! 1) you don’t even mention confidence and banter. This is key! 2) after having SMP done really well for the first time i wouldn’t even want my hair back!
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  24. I had also talked with His recently on the phone and they had specified that they are looking to replace the last practitioner but they currently do not a have a physical address on where the new clinic will be located in Toronto. I would hope that they have this situation sorted out very soon and I do not want to be left in limbo with an unfinished smp that cost me thousands of dollars while I still have to wear a hat. Every time I look in the mirror it is a constant reminder and a slap in the face of having a dud practitioner who just could not get it done right. I gave that last practitioner way too many chances to finish my smp because I trusted His and I now feel rather foolish for allowing him to do my smp without him having the proper skill set. I want to see a His practitioner that is qualified in Toronto by at least August to finally get this nightmare over with and to get peace of mind.
  25. Sadly a trip to the UK is not feasible at the present time although it would be amazing to get this done once and for all at a quality standard
  26. I guess that explains why he up and left so suddenly without any notice to HIS. Im sure its no surprise to anyone who was a client of his that he was miserable and unqualified and we suffered the consequences of it. I called them again today and there is no update other than that they are in the process of recruiting someone. My feeling is to pursue a refund and try to get my smp re-done either at a later time when HIS has a more qualified tech or see if there are other smp services around immediately.
  27. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks really good mate. Not sure you need a 3rd session. Nice subtle hairline shaving off to the wood now 😉 wish my head looked matte like yours 😫
  28. That's holding up well. If you add a layer in a slightly darker shade you will really notice the density impact of the 'magic' third session. I think this gives a bit of texture or 3D effect. As for you noticing the point where real hair meets ink that's because no doubt you know the worst possible angle and light to look at yourself in the mirror and I bet you automatically go to that setting when's a weird form of self flagellation. I went darker in the belief that I could carry off a bit of stubble, being uber critical, you can't really, but I don't care and routinely wander around with a couple of days stubble anyway. The point is nobody cares as much as you and even with two days of stubble no one gives a second glance.
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