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  2. Dark Skin SMP Removal

    Ridder, If you have had removal done then this is a bit late info. I had one session done at another company who are a big brand but produced unsatisfactory results, so I came to HIS to get it put right. Although HIS did an excellent job, I decided to start again and get a sizable part of the treatment at the front removed. I have skin type 4/5 of the Fitzpatrick scale so I'm at risk of hypo/hyper pigmentation. I tried the Picoway laser which is cleared by the FDA for all skin types. Had to travel 200 miles to get a patch test, I don't know if it was down to the technician or the laser but it scabbed and blistered a fair amount. I then went and got a patch test done with an Quanta Q-PLUS C EVO which gave no adverse effects, went back and had my first laser session, after 48 hours a fair amount of ink shifted, which I was surprised at, as I was under the impression it would take at least a few weeks to even notice a change. Most of the remaining pigment is of the darker a shade which was not applied by HIS, but I notice is also starting to be flushed out too. So if your work was done by HIS it can very easily be removed from darker skin. I will update when the removal is fully complete.
  3. Lewis Hamilton

    Revisiting this after reading that Lewis Hamilton claimed that his hairloss was down to using hotel shampoo, and it miraculously grew back when he started using quality products. WTF! This really annoys me. So the cheap products only affected the mpb areas of the head? Going bald is your own fault for not using the right hair products? Why not just be a man and admit you had a transplant? It's as believable as going for the a 50 mile drive to test your eyesight during lockdown.
  4. Luck with Scar creams?

    I've had success with derma rolling. I cannot recommend fraxel enough before SMP treatment and even after to some extent. I've been using Emu Oil and really like it. Problem is you gotta catch one of those things and then squeeze the hell out it! haha..not really.
  5. That is too bad what happened with you, I hope you get the results you want. But not everyone had a bad experience with him. I got my SMP done 2 years ago and it's still holding up well in my opinion. I did notice he was a little conservative with the pigment darkness so I asked him to go darker in my sessions. I am still happy with the results.
  6. Just an update so everyone is aware, they still have not reached out at all or acknowledged this one bit. Beware.
  7. Harley street

    I went in Feb and it was open but a different location in Harley street. I had the best of the best do mine:-) Iain and Ranbir and they were amazing!! £600 and get in Touch with them via live chat IF they are still running this service.
  8. Harley street

    Hi guys, Long time. Does anyone know if Harley Street is still open? I know its probably closed due to the virus, but i mean in general. Emailed recently but didn't hear back. Also, do you know how much a touch up is? Much appreciated in advance.
  9. Beards?

    I think if your treatment is conservative you can say that you shave because you are balding but enjoy having some hair on your head!
  10. Beards?

    Personally I always have 3-4 mm of stubble. I can’t grow a long thick beard otherwise I definitely would should people are in the mind set of, “why would you grow a beard but shave your head” I grew mine longer once & some chick I know asked me that question lol personally I like the beard / smp or bald look
  11. Beards?

    Good look, good hairline.
  12. Beards?

    Just for you Bobo, any jibes about my ginger tash and I'll come for you with ma axe 😜
  13. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    I work 3 shifts & when I’m on mornings (6am-1.30pm) I shave my head at 5am & it last me the day
  14. Yes you are correct with regard to my situation (albeit it's miles better in most lighting conditions than that last picture, which took me numerous attempts to even capture successfully on a photo).But I'd imagine someone with more hair would get away with longer, possibly much longer, delays between shaving. I think ideally I would want to be shaving every morning instead of every night. But that ain't happening with my current lifestyle, since I leave home very early in the morning to get into work. And as you say who will actually notice...... By the way I've had HIS take a look at some of the above pics and when I finally got a reply the advice was that (aside from the worst lighting pic above) it looks very natural and they concurred with my concern re 'over-SMPing'. So agreement is no more sessions at this time. I'll check back in here if there's anything significant to report, but hopefully it will hold up as-is for a longggggggg time.......
  15. Beards?

    Considering the popularity of beards you don't see many on this forum. Is there an issue with SMP and a beard? Colour matching maybe?
  16. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    This is why imo, people need to understand that if you want a perfect blend, you need to shave daily, every morning in fact... hair is 3D, smp is 2D. If you let your hair grow, even slightly in certain lighting conditions you will always see a difference, whether or not the general public will notice is debatable... 99% probably not
  17. One more showing the contrast between SMP and normal hair under certain lighting conditions. This is well under 24 hours after a careful foil shave. Still think this has faded/lightened a little too much since you can clearly see the darker patches where I have more hair. This is why I'm not 100% satisfied with my results at this time. Bear in mind this is under the most unfavourable lighting though.
  18. I've just posted honestly about my experience, and it's been primarily for my own benefit, albeit also with the hope that it helps someone else currently considering SMP. If as a by-product it provides good feedback and free advertising for HIS then fair enough, if they've done a good job then I don't mind that. I understand that there used to be an unlimited free session (within a year) warranty, and that people were perhaps taking advantage of that. So I kind of understand why it became limited to one free session. The surprise to me was the restriction on what could be done at the free session - basically anything other than touching up fading and it's chargeable. I admit I am disappointed about that. Anyway I told HIS well over a week ago that I'd get back to them, and I haven't done it yet. Right now I think the answer will be to pass on the free session......
  19. Interesting. But then I'm always going to be my biggest critic. Wife sees no issue at all after a day's growth (or maybe more). I maybe wasn't going to alter the hairline as such, just add a few dots on one side. But I can see how messing about in that area could ideally take more than one session. I'm inclined not to do anything as you say. I'm probably nitpicking - although the crappy pics in my post above look better that what I see in the mirror under those lighting conditions. It's not like it's a major problem though, was just hoping for something a bit closer to my 'Virtual SMP' pic posted earlier in this thread.
  20. With direct lighting from above, it is. It definitely looks best right after a shave though, and I really don't like it to go more than a day without shaving. Other lighting conditions are a bit more tricky - I've attached a few admittedly crappy pics of my least favourite (backlighting). Where you can see the dark bits at the side where I have hair - and the SMP on top looks lighter. I'd have liked the SMP a bit darker (have been saying that since session #1!!!). But: That's what I'm concerned about. Don't want to fire more and more dots at it. Think I'd rather let it go for months or (hopefully) years and see how it holds up. Then I can come back and get whatever I want done.
  21. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    you have provided a lot of good feedback and free advertising for HIS on here and surprised they are nit picking on the guarantee issue. I know that originally the guarantee covered everything bu there were people going back for more and more sessions so they changed it to cover fading only
  22. darts legend RVB

    i thought it was SMP at first but wasnt sure it wasnt another transplant. Seems to be hair growth there?
  23. I like the twenty four hours growth one best. If you cherry picked the worst one then you've no problems with blend to my eyes but then again I'm currently walking around with three days growth i think... fuzzy! I actually travelled about for a week recently and quite liked how it appeared even though patchy looking under scrutiny. I just don't care, it works for me. Altering your hairline will take more than one layer therefore more than one session if you follow. You could have a darker layer graduating from the crown forward in your freebie session, I don't think you will notice it too much when freshly shaved, probably initially will seem dark but that might give you more comfort with a bit of growth. Depends on your comfort levels with it. Looks solid as is. I would take the fourth.
  24. darts legend RVB

    The top picture looks dreadful to me. Looks like he’s got a helmet on got a fit new missus though
  25. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Looks bang-on to me mate. I’d try and reframe from adding & adding more dots, otherwise it might start looking “painted on”
  26. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    If the horse shoe is fully covered/ blended. I think your ok not to go?
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