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  2. 100% fading session 1

    I agree with PermanentVacation. First of all, we've all been through the process (most of us) so we don't want to undermine your negative experience thus far in your SMP journey. However, since your treatment is not done by HIS, you should at the very least state this fact in your initial post because you are in fact posting this on HIS' official forum, not a generic SMP forum. As to your original question, it's not normal for 100% fading to occur (as you put it), even though first session are usually done to set up a foundation on what the treatment will look, with emphasis placed on setting the hairline. Density in the crown/top area will be done in 2nd and/or 3rd session. Finally, I know it's too late now, but in the future, I would highly recommend you making your decision on a clinic based on quality of work, and not on pricing. Best of luck dude. Vin
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  4. 100% fading session 1

    Ok thanks . I will go for my second session as I’ve paid and it is tommorow . True about you get what you pay for same as tattoos but this was in the middle range of price so I went for it . Hopefully second sessions lasts !
  5. 100% fading session 1

    Its the forum of his clinic. As for advice I'm not sure. Maybe someone else could chime in. Personally if it was me I'd cut my losses in case they made it worse. Its not normal for it to disappear in the experience I have had. You could def notice mine after 1 session and in 5 years it's not faded. Everyone is different however from reading on here some People have had fading but after a second or third session it's been fine but I haven't heard of 100% fading maybe it fading is a blessing and you should maybe give his a shout. It's one of those things in which you pay for what you get. id also be careful on who you tell, I'd tell people on a need to know basis Hope that helps
  6. 100% fading session 1

    Ok to verify I didn’t have it done at a his clinic . The forum is called the official smp forum . I don’t want to write where I had it done because I don’t want to discredit him/her after one session . Are you going To offer some advice / Info or carry on talking shit ?
  7. 100% fading session 1

    You are discrediting His by letting everyone assume that your treatment was done by his. I think you are very aware of that. Its a His forum Why don't just say where you had the treatment ?
  8. 100% fading session 1

    I haven’t named a clinic or an artist so I’m not attempting to discredit anybody . I am simply seeking information/ advice
  9. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Just go with your gut. if you don't you'll always wonder its like a breath of fresh air no more stressing over hair
  10. 100% fading session 1

    Is it normal for people (you) to keep posting these comments with not one piece of authenticity? Its getting old.
  11. Had some email exchange with HIS this week. Asked a few more Q's and have been offered first 2 sessions in March with Ian & Ranbir. May have to make a decision shortly......
  12. 100% fading session 1

    Hello I had my first smp session 12 days ago , the session lasted about an hour and I had my hair line / top of head and crown done. At first it was very visible but after 2 days is faded a lot and after 5 days it had totally gone . I have told numerous people I have had it done and they say they cannot see any difference. I followed all the aftercare guidelines. is this normal to 100% dissapear ? I have my second session tommorow, What questions should I ask ? And what could I ask to be changed to make it more successful? thankyou
  13. FUE on SMP

    Thanks mate i appreciate your input. Truth is I went to a couple FUE transplant consultations and had dates locked in and no one mentioned poor doner area to me then. But i backed out and opted for SMP. Now I have come to learn after extensive research that there are 1 or 2 surgeons in Europe who are highly respected and achieve great results and still charge far less than the UK. And the surgeons most of the work, its not all technicians doing it under little supervision, although these do exist and are popular. I am not convinced it is the right choice, or if laser is a better option to grow out my existing hair again like before which hides it completely, but i feel the laser route will be harder
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  15. Why want SMP take

    I want to take SMP but i am confused a bout pigments specifications. i heard about plant-based pigments are the it true? so many brands I heard a bout biotouch, biomaser, scalpa, dermimatch have they same or different chemical specifications?
  16. Why want SMP take

    No I wasn' treatment was done in Birmingham.
  17. Why want SMP take

    Darien... can you confirm you were treated by HIS (HQ do not have a record of your email address).
  18. Why want SMP take

    I remember there was one guy on the old forum who needed something like 8-10 sessions his fading was so bad. But they eventually got it in the end.
  19. Why want SMP take

    Some people can get this treatment completed in 3 sessions and every individual is different. I myself have not been one of the lucky ones to get my treatment completed in 3 sessions. I feel that it comes down to your immune system and how well it takes the pigment and also the level of skill of the practitioner who performs your procedure.
  20. Why want SMP take

    I completed my 4th SMP 10days ago and I left it 7 days before I washed it,which was only with warm water but it's faded still doesn't match the rest of my shaved real hair.i spoke to the person that gave me the treatment and she said I would need a 5th session.i just can't understand why it's just not taking very well too my scalp.ive ticked all the boxes off pre: treatment and after care of my treatment but it just want get to the desired colour.
  21. Had my consulation with Ian via skype on Friday and it seems that he & Ranbir are still hands on to some extent. I'm still not sure how to know which practioner to ask for and as a result I'm thinking maybe the best/safest option would be to book in with Ian or Ranbir?
  22. FUE on SMP

    A few years back I went to Harley st for a fue consultation and I was told that my doner area was no good and don’t let anyone one tell you any different I contacted a company in turkey just to see if there was a chance and surprise surprise I was the perfect candidate but after doing some research I came to the conclusion that smp is the only way forward just need to get it done 👊👊👊 so be careful
  23. FUE on SMP

    If you have deep enough pockets and find the right surgeon (who tells you that you are a good candidate) FUE remains a great option... The work done on James Nesbitt, actor, last year, is a great example of what can be achieved.
  24. UV radiation and artificial light

    There is nothing like certainty though... great research, thanks for sharing.
  25. FUE on SMP

    no I understand and can appreciate that, but in times of distress or when SMP does not work out, instead of reassurance that there may be things available that can help that can be very successful etc (ie, FUE), the response only highlights negative aspects of the treatments which in turn leaves me feeling trapped in my SMP. Something I hope you can understand.
  26. UV radiation and artificial light

    Yes I suspect it's a non-issue, but I was thinking about it due to the duration of my exposure and didn't see it discussed in any earlier forum threads, which is why I brought it up. A few quick google searches seem to back up this conclusion (apologies, I'm a engineer workng in the field of electromagnetic radiation so was interested enough to have a look ): UV emissions from a cool white fluorescent tube are around 0.14 uW/cm2 ( while those from the UK noonday sun are around 2.8 mW/cm2 in summer and 0.77 mW/cm2 in winter ( That's a factor of >1000 times lower for the fluorescent (and that was at a distance of just 50 cm from the tube). Spurious UV emitted by a typical daylight fluorescent lamp appears to be concentrated in the UV-A band (similar situation to sunlight): Fluorescent lamps emit a small amount of ultraviolet (UV) light. A 1993 study in the US found that ultraviolet exposure from sitting under fluorescent lights for eight hours is equivalent to one minute of sun exposure.[61] Ultraviolet radiation from compact fluorescent lamps may exacerbate symptoms in photosensitive individuals.[62][63][64] The ultraviolet light from a fluorescent lamp can degrade the pigments in paintings (especially watercolor pigments) and bleach the dyes used in textiles and some printing. Valuable art work must be protected from ultraviolet light by placing additional glass or transparent acrylic sheets between the lamp and the art work
  27. FUE on SMP

    Not at all Goldenarch. I started by pointing out the importance of doing your due diligence if looking at Turkey. And then laid out a few of the pitfalls that are waiting for the unwary. At no point did I suggest FUE itself is not a great solution for some. It clearly is.
  28. FUE on SMP

    I can appreciate that. But there are cheap clinics who let technicians do the work and there are other surgeries where the doctor is approved globally and undertakes all the work. These are still relatively cheap compared to UK prices. Around 1.25 euros per graft. I explained this to my practitioner and he tried to slander fue and it made me feel trapped in my SMP. im surprised you would come at it from this angle too Ed as you are trying to make out as if FUE is destined for failure but top surgeons have a 99% success rate ? I am not trying to slander SMP, but in the scenarios where SMP doesnt work out, its surprising that you act as if alternatives to help are a dead end
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