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Broken hairlines

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Broken Hairlines

Hello everyone,


I'm 33 years old from Italy.


I have been suffering from baldness since my twenties.


I am particurally interested in MHT.


having said that I think the company is overlooking something really important in the way they design the hairlines.


I see that the vast majority of treatments show a sharp , very defined, too straight to be true, hairline.


I wonder if this is the clients choice or the only way hairlines can be designed using MHT technique.


I believe this is a deal breaker for thousands of people potentially interested in this treatment. The hair tranplant business has experienced the very same problem in the 80's. Hairlines used to be too straight and baby dool like.


Now the best surgeons prefer a zig zag like effect that mimics the way hair really grow in 90% of people's head.


I would like to invite all clients that have gone for a more ragged look to post their pics in this thread. I think this is the main cause of concern for many.



Overall the treatment looks brilliant. So far I have seen very few hairlines that look ''real''. I also read that the company ha recently started to take notice of this problem and is currently trying to address it. I would love to know more about this from moderator and other forum members.


thank you very much for your time and attention,

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