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Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

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Hi all,

I had my SMP completed about 4-5 years ago and have never been happy with the hairline. Most practitioners I've seen have said it's fine, but friends and even people I don't know well have commented on how straight it is. One commented that it "looks like someone has drawn it on your head" and someone else actually asked if it was a "tatoo". Throughout my initial treatments and following touch ups I've always asked for hairline to be more feathered, which the practitioners tried to do, but the general shape is still too strong. I had a consultation today in London with someone I'd not seen before who immediately confirmed it was too strong. Long story short, I would like to take the hairline back (using laser) and then have a more subtle one added, but slightly higher than the current one.

On my visit to HIS today I was disappointed to find out that they no longer do laser in house. The practitioner advised me to find a 5 star rated laser place on Groupon, but this fills me with dread!

I wondered if anyone with experience of laser treatment, or who knows a lot about it, may be able to answer any of the following questions:

1) Do you know of any reputable/tried and tested laser places in London that have experience dealing with SMP?

2) How painful is it? I've heard stories ranging from not at all, to more painful than a tattoo!

3) What does it look like afterwards? I've been told that from laser to SMP I'd need to wait about 2 weeks. During this time I would need to go to work, see friends etc, so this is a major concern. To an outsider would it look like a big block of hair is missing?

4) I've heard that post laser the dots temporarily go darker. Is this true, and if so, how dark and how long does this last for?

5) Is there any scabbing after the laser treatment? 

Apologies for the lengthy message, but would hugely appreciate any accurate feedback, particularly from those who have experienced laser in the past.

Thanks very much,


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