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How Cool is SMP?

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Knowing how many of you visit here looking for reassurance that SMP might be your answer I thought you might appreciate a link to a really cool video. An advert for the "world's coolest suit" shot in a series of ridiculously hot locations, I think. Maybe it was shot in a parking lot in Elstree with lots of clever CGI. The point is that they chose one of our clients to be the super cool dude wearing the worlds coolest suit in lots of hot places.


You don't have to ask how happy we were about that. Of course it is entirely possible our client would have got the job if he had not had the treatment, he is a very cool dude. In any case, it is a cracking little advert and a first for HIS.


Check out our blog on the advert by clicking here to see the video in high quality (too big to fit in this post).






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