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I just came across this forum in researching ways to restore alopecia from years of wearing sister locs (dreadlocks but thinner). I recently cut them off but have thinning spots on the top of my head. My hair is about 3 in. long all over and I'll stay with a short cut.


As I try to understand SMP, a few questions:


1. will it replace my hair in the thinning spots at that length?

2. is it a 1-and-done procedure?

3. how many visits are needed?

4. if not, how often will I need a "touch up"?

5. what's the range of cost?


Thank you!


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Hi ,


- Unfortuantly it would only add some colour to your scalp and not match 3inch hair . As a bloke you have to shave every day to the bone , SMP is not hair - its an optical illusion which gives the appearance of a shaved to the bone head if any remaining hair is kept buzzed .


- its really a 3 and done procedure with touch ups every 3/4 years dependent on your scalp

- try looking on you tube as some great examples for lots of types of hairloss

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