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the bald ego

New session with Zang, one year later

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Hey guys. I haven't logged into this forum for a while now, since the HIS Tapatalk portal seems to have permanently quit working.


A year has zipped by since my SMP treatment in Los Angeles. Yesterday, I underwent a post-treatment session wih Zang, to make a few 'style' enhancements.





For the newbies, I'll recap... I'm 63, fair-skinned, once blonde, now 75% gray, and a Norwood 7.


When I did SMP last year, I had already been bald for over 40 years. And for that reason, the initial treatment approach was intentionally conservative.


But, a remarkable thing happened over the course of the last year (thanks to SMP)... my self-confidence grew by leaps and bounds. Consequently, I started taking much better care of myself. New clothes; regular workouts; better skin care; sun damage treatment; healthier diet... basically everything has had a long-overdue overhaul.





I am a Zangaholic. It was so good to see him again yesterday, a year later. We had pre-discussed my session goal of pushing the limits of my SMP beyond conservatism.


We agreed to:

• revise my hairline (more 'broken' and less 'widow's peak')

• reduce my 'recession' at the temples

• blend pigment further down the sides and back

• increase pigment density and volume

• use a darker pigment shade overall


As we started yesterday's session, I wondered (to myself) whether I should be leaving well enough alone. But Zang's enthusiasm about our approach put my mind at ease.


My first sessions had not seemed painful at all. But yesterday was the extreme opposite. I grit my teeth in silence, so as not to have my pain become the focus of the session.


It helped a lot to chat about 'life' with Zang for three hours while he worked – anyone who has ever sat in his chair can attest to Zang's gift of entertaining dialogue.


Surprisingly, there were no photos yesterday – neither before nor after. We took about 20 minutes to pencil in our planned changes. From that point on, it was a focused work session without pause, with a high degree of artistic finesse by Zang.


It wasn't until Zang suddenly pronounced, "OK, we're done," that I finally got to see the outcome. My reaction was pure ecstasy – Zang had flawlessly achieved every goal that we had set forth, and the overall effect was even greater than I had hoped for or expected.


Now, 24 hours later, the redness has already vanished. The hairline is brilliant – total perfection. The temples are much less receded now... with better sculpting and integration. Plus, I can already see that the overall effect of the darker and increased (area and density) pigmentation were extremely worthwhile changes.


I'll give it 1-4 weeks to settle in before posting any pics. But I'm actually more excited about these results than for any prior session. My degree of hair loss and graying – coupled with uncertainty by both Zang and myself about how conservative of an approach we should take – made my original and follow-up situations far more challenging than the norm.


SMP has dramatically improved the quality of my life, and my happiness. And I can tell that with the work we did yesterday, my appearance is going to get even better thanks to this latest work. I looked in the mirror this morning, and can now say that I feel that I look like the guy I was meant to be, finally.


I'm blown away, once more, by the SMP process. And by Zang, who is one of the nicest and most dedicated guys I've ever met. His SMP talent knows no bounds.

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After my last session, I'm rethinking my hairline, too. Mostly because I was trying to initially cover some light hair transplant scars from decades ago.


I had my first two sessions done over 2 years ago. More recently, I just had a 3rd session done a couple of weeks ago to try and make things look a bit better with the hairline I have. Well, I've had some concerns since my last session, so I called HIS this past Monday morning. They emailed me asked for pics after the phone call, so they can schedule a phone consultation. So, I sent the pics immediately.

I then remembered that on a prior occasion, there was a problem with HIS not receiving my pics. So, on Tuesday I asked for a confirmation email that they received my pics this time around.... but I received no response. .

Yesterday morning (4 days after sending pics) I called HIS again. The lady assured me they would call me.

Again... nothing.

I'm certainly no stranger to this procedure, having it originally done over two years ago. But, I do have some legitimate concerns that I would like to address. I have a very public job and I'm also a professional entertainer. Considering the money I've spent, you would think that they would at least acknowledge receiving an email and not take more than 5 business days to schedule a simple phone consultation.


I'm not one to complain and keep calling them, but really.... I hope they read this and it lights a fire under someone to communicate with me. It's getting frustrating.

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On 12/22/2017 at 5:46 PM, the bald ego said:

Pic of my August 2017 session with Zang, taken today:


Looks real good. Can you post in different lighting conditions? Either way thanks for the pic. Zang is one of the best. Is he still with HIS? Looking at his instragram it appears he might have went solo?

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