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Cut on head

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Ive smashed my head off of cars underneath...and my actual hoist at work...multiple times!

Rusty metal too! Ha

And thats painful $hit

Sharp edges!

And those are REAL cuts/scrapes

And nothing

Just heals like normal

Just used some good face cream to help the healing in that spot (tea tree oil cream or cocoa butter cream?)

I think one bigger gash on the back of my head faded a lit bit...Ill have to really look hard again and see

But its not blends in right

Cause the cuts go in between most of the darker dots you have, only affecting some

Cause your last session has the darkest shade, right

So that shade is not super dense...the darkest dots are spread out a lil more

Its not like a solid coloured in tattoo (of the same shade) that now has a very noticable slash in it, right

Any real cuts naturally camoflauge themselves into the matrix of dots, right

Youd need a magnifying glass to pin point where you cut yourself in the past

And that was a decent gash for me..and still practically nothing

Youd have to get cut with something pretty wide..for anything noticable to affect ur SMP

Like a big flathead screwdriver...dragged across ur head the flat way...thats like 1 cm wide...and deep!

And even if you get a real deep cut on ur scalp...and it removes the ink when it heals...who cares

Itll make it look even more natural with a scar on ur head

Most people have at least 1 if not a few

And even when you get SMP...not every single dot sticks anyways

Some disappear completely

So having perfectly spaced SMP dots that all stick isnt want you want anyways

Doesnt look natural or normal

You should have light dots...medium dots...and some darker you have that 3D effect...and random looking

So a cut here or there...aint gonna kill ya

But your pictured cuts are absolutely nothing

I was expecting you got into a fight or something...and had some real cuts

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