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SMP thickness

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Hi, I'm a 21 y/o strongly considering SMP but just have a few questions. Firstly, how much of a role does skin colour play in the relative thickness look of SMP i.e would SMP look darker on an arab person compared to a caucasian?  Secondly I have a lot of diffuse thinning, probably around a NW3. If I get SMP done now, would future hair loss have any implications on the overall look of the SMP? Lastly, how dark can you go with SMP before it looks fake? Thanks for any help!

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#1 Yah, I think the skin tone really plays an important role

     A black guy cannot get the same number of dots (density) on his a white guy can

     The density has to be done right for darker skinned guys

     Cause the dots really go a long way on darker skin

     Mainly cause they already have a "base layer" with just their darker skin by itself

     A pasty white dude..needs to get that "grey base layer" first...with the lighter shades...then the darker shades come in for that 3D look and more distinct dots


#2 Your continuing hair loss shouldnt matter much...its not like ur gonna lose a massive amount every yr?? To where its noticable

      But if it eventually is noticable for you...then a simple touch up will be very easy


#3 You can go too dark or too dense VERY easily...and really screw things up for yourself

     Id listen to the techs if I were you

     But if youre really picky...just go 1 shade darker at a time until youre happy...with VERY MINIMAL density (like a session #1 density, no more, and half that density on the sides)

     Easy does it is the best way...eventhough we were all anxious to get this done as soon as possible

     Cause you can always add more..but cannot go backwards

     Unless ur talking laser

     Wait a couple months for total settling of ink after your 2nd session see how you wanna approach ur 3rd session and maybe 4th if needed

     Basically everyone needs 3 in total..if not 4 or even 5

     2 sessions just aint gonna do it FULLY...itll still look pretty damn good...and hell of a lot better than your usual bald or thinning head

     But will not be as good as it could be

     Youd be very lucky if you only needed 2 sessions and things were perfectly matched/blended

     And I think the most important part of having a "fake" looking SMP is the hairline

     Dont get the sharp edge-up look...I dont think it even looks good on black guys

     Small as possible dots...and scattered jagged edged hairline looks best (small lil jagged edges missing here and there)

     Youll still have a nicely formed hairline to the shape you want...but need to have lil nibbles taken out here and there

     Know what Im fu&kin saying?...

     I should draw a picture and post it...or find a picture of someone online

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1st pic - jaggedness, looks amazing/perfect!...cause its NOT perfect, its natural looking 100%

             He could use a tiny bit of temple work in my can see where its thinning very slightly...but you dont have to

             Not everybody wants temples done...I like temples personally...but looks good either way...everybody has their preference


2nd pic - looks utterly ridiculous, you can spot that fake crap across the street!;S I feel sorry for that guy, cause he thinks it looks good?? And nobodys told him the truth


3rd pic - obviously not shaved down like we shave...but same point...when you got such a dense and straight hairline...its ridiculous looking! Like a helmet!


4th pic - another helmet...YIKES! But the customer picked thats what he got, right


5th and 6th pic - again not shaved down like us...but you get my point...of a nice hairline shape but jagged edges taken out....not some weird perfectly   

                           smooth SMP'd hairline...maybe round the corners as to not have such a square corner on each side...looks better a touch rounded...

                           but you get my point about the jagged hairline


I think theres waayyyyy too many perfectly smooth SMP'd hairlines

The jaggedness is what you want

I know it will look stupid when you draw a jagged hairline on yourself with a white eyeliner pencil...or after each session when the ink is wet and real dark

But when it heals youll see that the jaggedness looks 100% natural

Its just hard to do that with the needle and even the white pencil

Cause youd have to draw the EXACT same jagged hairline everytime

You dont want ANY dots in those missing jagged spots

Or else they get filled in...and then you have the usual smoother SMP'd hairline

I think its better to get the usual hairline done...and then hit that $hit with a laser for the jaggedness

Cause the laser is a square, right...not a circle

And that square beam makes perfect lil jagged chunks get taken out

It can still be done with the needle...just saying its extra hard

And the stupid white eye liner pencils are too soft and cannot be used for that kind of detailed jaggedness

Maybe an eyebrow pencil might work better...cause its not as soft...and can be sharpened to a sharper point

But even that is still hard to do

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See the pic of Hugh Jackman might not be the best...but you can see he has a nice hairline shape

It fits his face and shape of skull really good

But when you look closely...the hairline has lil jagged edges everywhere yet still straight...not smooth a lot of SMPs


The 2nd pic looks really good as well...but think thats the in-between look of a lil bit sharper more dense hairline and lil bit jagged here and there...ever so slighty

And think thats the most "smooth" or "sharp" you should ever go

Thats basically what I have...almost exact

Anymore than that guy gets too sharp...too dense...and too smooth...and just ruins your whole head by having a stupid hairline choice

That guy is at the ultimate limit

If youre can handle that look just fine...but if older...I wouldnt get that...lil bit less

Crazy how a bad hairline can ruin thousands of dollars of work done all over the rest of ur head;S

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