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Photo - Will SMP work for me?

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Hi all,

After losing most of my hair diffusely over the last decade or so, I now buzz no guard these days and am quite comfortable with the look. Having said that, SMP continues to interest me and some of the results I'm seeing these days are amazing.

Would SMP work for a light-skinned light-haired guy like me?

Also, will a buzz no guard work or would I really need to wet shave? I'm not a fan of wet shaves because I have sensitive skin that is prone to razor burn / breakouts efc. I also still have a small amount of hair on top so I still have the "sandpaper" feel.



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Put shave or shaving into the search function and you will find plenty of threads discussing this. You will see that whether they go for wet shaving, foil or rotary everyone has their preference and all are reasonable choices based on their own scalp... you read as though you should stick to shaving without the guard - I did it for years and it works fine (fair skinned like you, not sure it is so effective for dark haired men). I have since moved onto wet shaving because it gives me two (sometimes three) days between.


You are a triple AAA candidate make no mistake... but don't take it from me - I am sure plenty of our veterans will tell you the same.

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I dont know how anyone would get away with just using hair clippers with no guard

I thought I would too..before getting it done

But way

Nowhere near close enough of a shave

And if you buy a professional hair clipper and "0 guard" it...have fun cutting yourself up all the time;S

And cuts dont look good on a shaved head

Foil shaving is best IMO...almost never cut yourself

Only lil pimples get cut when you have one...but how often does that happen

And a natural normal shine is left over...dont need any mattifying...unlike wet shaving

You practically blind people with ur shiney head if you dont shalack ur head with some sort of laxative??

Which Ive never understood doing

Putting Milk of Magnesia on ur head is just weird

And leaves a chalky residue...and dries ur scalp out too...making it even shinier/oilier in the long run

Too bad we cant name other companies on here...cause Ive got plenty of perfect videos on youtube to look at...

of guys with totally complete SMP jobs...which are very very good...but they shave with hair clippers (0 guard)??

Kills the whole purpose of SMP

You can see that 3D stubble across the room!...and people will wonder why does the sides of ur head grow hair...but the

whole top doesnt?? Yet you can see flat hair follicles?? Ha

Like ur trying to have that samurai hairdo?? Ha

Youll get used to shaving right down to the wood in a few weeks me..we ve all gone through it

And we all like shaving it right now...cause theres no mismatch whatsover...and youll never get called out freshly shaven

As much as we d all like some stubble...its too risky for SMP...and its not meant for stubble

A tattoo is thats how flat ur remaining hair has to be kept

Smooth skin in every direction...thats just how it has to be

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