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Shade variation / how the scalp 'takes' the ink

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I'm 10 days since 2nd session, with assessment for 3rd to follow, and note a great deal of variation in how well my scalp has taken to the ink. In certain conditions this shows a patchy, inconsistent appearance, with each area's shade moving with head movement / viewpoint (so, not caused by direct light). The areas of lighter / darker shade are each small - size of coins or other random shapes, interlocked, and the variation is pretty much all over. I should add, in gloomier light, it's looking good.


My practitioner (who is great, a relaxed, soulful person) thought I might not need a 3rd session, but to wait and assess as I'd had a fair bit of bleed during 2nd session which could cause fading; perhaps this is part of it. It's now clear I'll definitely need the 3rd session.


My query is, what's to say these areas will take any better the 3rd time than the 2nd time? I understand immune response plays a part, and I don't necessarily expect perfection like the best gallery promo shots show, but I'd like to always know 'where I stand' with it when I'm out and about, at work or whatever.


So, taking into account some light conditions negate SMP (understood, fine), knowing the shade is (reasonably) consistent is obviously important.


If a practitioner agrees it's still too inconsistent after 3rd session, do I get further sessions within my fee?

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Why do you think you were bleeding so much?

Maybe shave ur head with a foil shaver or real razor to get the skin "freshened up"??

And moisturize ur scalp after shaving and every night

Maybe ur scalp is too dried out

Too much dead skin

And the needle aint penetrating properly...or is...but into dried out scaly skin...making the dots/areas heal/settle inconsistent

I wouldnt go for a 3rd session..till you maybe moisturize and heal up ur scalp for like a month or two

Shaving always refreshes ur skin, right

But can also dry it out as with real razor shaving (cause of most shaving creams having alcohol/chemicals)

Try foiling shaving every other day

Unless you already do...I dont know what ur routine is..or hair loss/hair cut is usually

But dont shalack ur head with moisturizer before a session...cause thats adding tons of extra water into ur scalp skin, right

So the ink will not settle properly either maybe...too much water in the skin right before a session..thats not good either

Shave ur head that for a while to heal things up...shave the night before a session or morning moisturizer...and you should be fine

Let us know what happens!

You comfortable posting some pics?...close-ups of whatever ur issues are...

Just personally interested in seeing something

I do know its hard to take super close up pics of what ur personal issues understand if you cant show us on here

But we would be able to see if we were in person

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Thanks for all the useful advice.


Apologies if I've made my condition sound more than it really is. The bleeding wasn't a concern, it was just mentioned I bled a fair amount and more than the first time, and it could affect fading. Practitioner wasn't overly concerned, was just keeping me informed, saying there could be fading, but on the other hand maybe I wouldn't even need a 3rd session. Also discussed how to address fading on a technical level.


Scalp was in really good condition, I have soft skin and I didn't put anything on it. Possibly my blood's quite fluid due to very healthy diet (I did ensure no alcohol in the lead-up though). I'm pleased with how quick my scalp has healed on both occasions so no issues there. Skin feels / looks fine, I just need the 3rd session for shade consistency, but slightly concerned on a biological level that areas of scalp which didn't take so well, might be same on next try. It is what it is, I guess, and I don't have an issue with a 4th or 5th visit if need be.


Yes I will try to post some snaps sometime.



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I see

I chatted with someone recently that had the same issue

Some areas were faded more than others

Maybe that part of your scalp has more blood flow/circualtion

So needs to be hit with a shade darker??

Youll just have to see what happens next time if you have healthy skin

I personally believe smoking again helped me with fading issues

Smoking really hampers my immune system

So a month or two before sessions...and after sessions...finally stopped the fading issues I had

But mine were consistent fading issues...not just certain patches

But ur body might be more focused on cleaning ur lungs and blood...rather than the nice ink you paid for in ur scalp??

Might help

Think about it

Cant hurt to try

Smoking for a few months aint gonna kill ya

And it definitely slows ur immune system down

So why not

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