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A few concerns about SMP.

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I'm 27 and I've been losing my hair since I was 19. Right now, I'm a Norwood 3 and I've been shaving my head with an electric razor ever couple of days for the last few years. I've always been self conscious about it, but didn't think a solution existed until I discovered SMP.


I'm considering having the procedure done, but a few things relating to detectability are holding me back at the moment:


1. Dot size - I've seen some examples on here (and elsewhere online) that looked absolutely flawless and I've also seen examples that look glaringly obvious to be frank. For me the size of the pigmentation dots a dead giveaway, the I understand that they shrink over time, but once the procedure is complete is there a perceptible size difference between pigmentation dots and hair follicles?


2. Hairline - I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for a soft jagged hairline, but I've no idea how low it should be and how to shape natural-looking side profiles. Is it a good idea to just attempt to replicate the hairline of somebody else who has had SMP or might that look odd?


3. Blending and skin colour - I'm quite fair skinned and have light hair and I've heard that SMP is most suitable to people with darker skin/hair. Would this be an issue?


Any information would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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1. They start out "noticeable" but after they settle, only you can tell the difference between the dots/hair because you're the only one who knows.


2. Your practitioner will help you out with all of that. I wanted a broken hairline, and what they recommended/subsequently did, was far better than I would have imagined.


3. As a fair skin, light hair guy, I can assure you that there's nothing to worry about. It blends right on in. I'll upload a pic soon enough.

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If it helps... I had a dermatologist examine with a magnifying glass 3 moles on my head about a month after my 3rd treatment. He ended up removing them. His comment to me as I left was that I should really grow my hair out because of the Florida sun doing damage to the scalp. He said I obviously had hair to grow, so protect my scalp while I can. 


If he can't tell, nobody can. 



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Dot size you want is as tiny as possible...ESPECIALLY if ur light-haired

Tiny tiny dots look the best and most like a hair follicle...even for darker haired guys

Before I ever got SMP done...I thought youd want nice good sized dots

Boy was I wrong...and thank God I didnt go to some other SMP clinic and got bigger dots! ha

Wind up looking like a felt pen was used on my head or something, ha

My techs were very good at explaining to me that you want as tiny as you can get


The hairline...why dont you try playing with an eyebrow pencil...and drawing different hairlines on yourself before ever going in

Get a general shape you want..even take cellphone pics..and show the tech when you go in

Cause showing someone elses pics...or a celebrity..or athletes hairline you like...might not fit good on your skull, right

The skull has very subtle curves that we dont really pay attention to

And someone elses exact hairline might look dumb on your shape of head

Just saying, right

Something to try and think about for yourself

Your hairline needs to be "tailored" to your head..and only yours

Ask for HIS's virtual simulation...and ask for a couple different hairlines maybe...side profile renderings

Send them straight on pics...and some profile pics

See what they come up with for your head shape...

And good thing you already know about a "jagged" hairline

When you look at a natural has lil jagged chunks taken out here and there

And thats key to achieving that natural look

A hairline can be missing lil jagged chunks and still look straight

I see too many SMP hairlines with zero chunks taken out here and there...and it looks too perfect

Not so much the temples...but definitely the top main hairline needs lil jagged pieces taken out

I also think the top hairline needs a lil bit of a "symmetrical waviness"

I should hand draw some pics and post what the hell Im trying to describe...would be easier

And if you get ur temples done...get half the density on the sides as the top

Cause when you do the same density on the sides...sometimes its too much

Not everyone can get away with it...some can..but some cant...and since ur light-haired...most likely not

Better to go half density on the sides..and see how it settles...cause you can always go more...but never can go in reverse

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