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Skin Care Range developed by HIS

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HIS - Ed, on 05 Aug 2015 - 2:52 PM, said:


Posted on behalf of our clinical team... with apologies for the slow reply (it got lost in my email

Hi Fidelity, 

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding SPF products. Just to make you
aware that not all spirits in cosmetics
are ethanol, but due to them being a wax form, a lot of cosmetic
companies use them for bulking purposes and to give body to creams and

Unfortunately, we at HIS hair cannot recommend a specific brand in terms of an SPF,
but we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are currently developing a skincare
range solely for the scalp and face which will include an SPF product.

All of the products are being formulated with SMP in mind, so the HIS
Hair products will help to maintain and prolong
the SMP treatment, in-between 'top up' treatments.  

We are looking to launch the HIS Hair range in the New Year. 

Kind regards,

HIS Hair Team


Hi Ed, any news on this?

It's summer and to find a real good alcohol-free sunscreen, which doesn't affect the SMP is still not easy.....


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