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Was banking on SMP being my savoir. After shaving my head I know it'll look awful on me.

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Ey man, nothing to worry about! Short hair looks really well on you but i understand the situation. The first time that put off the hair, the impact on the ego is too heavy, like a punch on the face.


However you would to know that we often judg ourselves stronger thab people that stay arround.


For me to you, congratulations. You have a nice head and simetric face that improve your sex appeal more with short hair than a long thin hair.



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Danny at Manchester is a great Guy and has also gone through same problems as you and will not try to push you into making a decision which is not right for you.


As others have said you are in shock at the moment drastickly losing hair @ 20 then buzzing it and looking at a stranger in the mirror , are you sure the sudden loss is MPB or could it be down to stress - have you gone through any trauma prior to losing hair ?


You no need to worry you are clearly a good looking lad and SMP would look great on you - when you see Dannys head you will see what this looks like in the flesh as he was a client 1st .


Good luck

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