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My treatmant at Birmingham with Andra Dascalu june 17

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Just wanted to share my exsperiance with anyone that is interested in having an scalp micropingmentation done.

I will try to keep it short as I'm not one for reviews but really wanted to do this one.

I was very nervous to start with as i was quite bald and didn't no what to expect, i sat on it for ages thinking should or shouldn't i get it done, then i decided to go for it and its the best thing i ever did.

The staff are really nice and friendly at birmingham i felt very welcome andra was my practicioner and she was amazing she takes alot of care and pride in what she is doing, she put me at ease the whole time and talked me through each stage i would defiently recommend her to anyone that is going to get it done.

Any way here are some pics from start to finish, i had 3 treatments but think i might need another i went for a soft broken look as natural as it could be.

If anybody has any questions please feel free to ask.

Pictures are attached to view


Don't no why there upside down or left to right lol tried me best















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wow, Top notch work, mate!!


On some photos , it appears you took them shortly after the treatment? so thats why the dots appear a bit strong?

Other photos it looks like they are taken after the first session , so the dots are still far apart, and more are added at the 2nd and 3d sessions.

Anyway, its hard to tell what is your hair and what is smp.


Andra is really good, and she delivers natural results, shes done thousands of SMPs. congratulations, you must be super happy!

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