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my SMP Journey

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Hi guys , just want to share my journey with people who maybe looking at getting this treatment done and are unsure .


for me personally i was pondering over doing this for a couple of months reading the forums and watching the videos and  I'm glad i went ahead with it .


i have had 4 treatments so far with Andrea as my first two treatments just didn't take very well maybe due to my immune system rejecting it, but after my 4 th treatment you can see a big difference from before.


i am due to have my 5th treatment at the end of june withins to give my scalp more density and finish the final look .


I've been amazed at how many people haven't noticed what i have had done but have made comments like you look better with your head shaved instead of been Bic with a razor ha ha .


even my own mom hasn't noticed but has noticed my hair is darker .


please Dont hesitate Andrea and the team at birmingham his hair are fantastic .


see my before and after photos the photo above my head was taken the day after my 3rd treatment and the dots do go smaller and lighter once you shave and wash your after the 4 days 








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