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8 days after my second session

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Its been 8 days since I finished my second SMP session at the Toronto clinic. My initial impression from day 2 to 6 was good, but once the scabs started to fall out, I feel that it has become way too light or faded out. I like the overall shape (hairline) but I think it still requires more density and maybe I should go for a shade or two darker.


I definitely require a third treatment it seems. :mellow: I guess I was expecting this.


I've attached photos of the before and after of the first session, so Day 0. Hairline was a little high, so I brought it down in the second session. (Pic #3)


4 days after the second session: I like the shade there, it matched with day 3 of no shaving of my side hair. But I was expecting at this points for the scabs to fall out and for the overall look to look a lot lighter. (Pic #1)


8 days after 2nd session: I feel a little uneasy with the how light the look feels at this point, it has faded a lot more than I expected. I guess its blending in well with my side hair. So I'm not sure whether I need more density or to go a shade or two darker for the third session. I also think my hairline needs to be a tad less faded out. (Pic #2)


What do you guys think? I'm not panicking yet, I know the results should be a lot better after the third (magical) session. But should I try another HIS clinic that is not the one in Toronto? Or are the results good so far?


Your comments are highly appreciated.




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I think you definitely need a third session going darker to make up for the fading . It will look a lot better after three , everyone does . As I have said before if you have the number you were advised you'll have peace of mind of a warranty . It kooks good on you tho I really like the shape

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