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clippers conundrum

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have spent quite a bit on shavers/clippers but haven't nailed it


I want a buzzed, stubble look (have smp plus a little hair on top) but can't get it right ..

not wanting a super short to the bone cut


have tried 


Braun Series 7 foil shaver - cuts too short, to the bone, nearly like a wet shave with a blade i imagine


Bald eagle shaver - again fair bit too short first 40 hours - by day 2 evening looks ok


Wahl supertaper clippers - a little too long (0.8 mm - no guard - using the lever to adjust to shortest - can't get the side hair quiet short enough - it make me look bald on top

(bald patch) and smp shows up


what next?


Have heard of Wahl balding clippers (cuts 0.4mm I think) - have heard it can injure if not use with care -  wary of spending again


any help appreciated - so basically a bald eagle end of day 2 - with stubble showing is what I need


many thanks




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I use the" i-STUBBLE SHAVER" from Conair for men, you can get it on Amazon, its black and waterproof.

It shaves down to 0.4mm and has a guard, it has a pivoting head that contours your head and very comfortable, no chance of cutting yourself.

I am the same as you I have SMP with some hair on top, I use this every 2 days, love it, ;leaves a bit of stubble.

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I've mentioned this before on another thread but if you own a set of Wahl clippers then you can take a Phillips screwdriver to the blade guard and adjust them so that they run flush and parallel to each other this then gives the equivalent to about thirty six hours of growth, maybe save you a purchase... recycle recycle recycle!!!

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