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My SMP Story

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My name is Darren, I am 50yrs of age and I've been suffering from hair loss for almost 25 years at this point. I started noticing my thinning hair at around 25 years old. Didn't really bother me over the years until I started to go completely bald at the back, the old horse shoe look, the top also went a few years after the back so at that point I shaved my head down to a No1, at the time I just resigned myself to the fact that hair for me was a thing of the past and just had to accept that I was follicly challenged. I did at one point give some of the natural meds a try but the results were shameful and I might ad not the cheapest at all!

As i mentioned I had resigned myself to the fact that I was now bald and I just had to get on with it. Then I was just surfing on YouTube and I ran across Scalp Micro-pigmentation. I'm a very heavy research kind of person so after doing loads of research on the Internet looking for good and bad I really loved the work that His Hair was doing. I also think my confidence in His Hair was increased knowing that Ian the owner of the company was the first to have this procedure done (nothing like proving your product on yourself!) I ended up having a consultation with Danny at the Manchester clinic who was a really friendly down to earth guy. We discussed my options and agreed on the way forward to change my look and hopefully my life.

I have my first session penciled in starting in a week or so and I will upload pics as each session is complete.






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Hi Darren,


Congrats for your decision!

It will be a journey and you will go through tons of different emotions - positive and negative ones. But keep in mind: the final and lasting one will be: WOW.


Try to enjoy the journey!

Thank you for you message and fingers crossed it will result in a wow, to be fair I'm feeling very confident after my meeting with Danny :)

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