African American SMP Journey

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Congrats! It's awesome to hear you're so excited after only one session. Looking forward to your update after session 2.

Thank you, my only concern is that right now it's still really light and I don't like the contrast on my skin (medium brown complexion) but HIS is really straight forward about the process so I'm keeping my faith until my sessions are finished

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Damn, 23? I think you're one of youngest I've seen. Happy for you. You're in super safe hands with Ian in Houston, he's amazing at this.

I completely believe you, he's great, and I should caveat my "age 23" with the fact I was nowhere near bald, I was just having thinnage at the top and the temples nothing too drastic, but knowing that it wouldn't get any better with time I just decided to do SMP. I decided I'd rather be the proactive guy that just goes for a new look than the guy that hangs on for too long and ends up looking awkward. Thick hair with waves everywhere and a thin spot in the middle didn't sound too appealing. Lol

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