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Thwarted 3 Times trying to make Appointment, through no fault of HIS own

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Had my consultation on the 4th in NYC and have kept reading and decided to pull the pin and set up the appointments. In typical fashion, my journey has been thwarted....


First, apparently they didn't have my email so they had no way to send me the quote. I fixed that with a phone call and had the quote in 90 seconds.


Next, I tried to call Sunday, shocker, they were closed.


Finally, called today but their calendar isn't set up for June yet.


Some people would think this was a bunch of signs saying not to do this. Thankfully, HIS has been very helpful along the way. The operator said they'd make a note in my file and call when the June calendar is out and I can officially book.


I think it helps that the operators are in England. Bad news sounds much better with a British accent!


PS: Hopefully they don't forget to call me, because that might be a sign if they don't want my money haha. 

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