Best place for full laser removal?

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Hi all

I had SMP (not with HIS) to cover up my thinning crown, it worked at first but I lost more hair and the pigments blurred & went a blue ish tint (its not like the bad SMPs with tattoo ink I have seen though). My whole head was done but the crown area is now a blur :(


I'm looking for the most experienced & best place to have it laser removed. Once it's done i want to shave my head and start again.


Yes I know I was stupid to think I could use SMP with thinning hair but I was desperate and had I not lost anymore hair it would have worked.


Thanks in advance.


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Its not really the best laser place...its what laser they have

PicoSure lasers Ive seen can cause hyper or hypo pigmentation to your skin

Which you dont want neither! Especially cause its your scalp!

Quanta Q-Plus lasers are the best...and most gentle on the skin surface...yet powerful at removing ink

They have 1-5 major settings

And I believe you only need #2 or #3 setting for removal of SMP

You wont need #5 full blast...thats for real tattoos that are drilled into you

So call and ask each clinic in your area what laser they got

They claim the PicoSure is the latest and greatest...but not from what Ive researched and seen videos online;S

Bleeding, scarring, blisters, hypo and hyper pigmentation around treated area

Quanta has zero of that...just redness for a few days afterwards...thats all

Do your research...dont believe me

If you get lasered by a PicoSure...and your whole scalp is all blistered up...or bleeding...that is waaayyyyyy too aggressive to get rid of simple tiny SMP dots;S

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I've seen them remove a full Smp in 3 sessions

It all depends on what ink was used ect... but his hair offer laser on Harley street and they are probably one of the only clinics I know that can easily remove Smp without damaging your skin,

Laser all depends on your skin type/ colour

I'm sure Ed or if you call the main office can help you.

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I would think the more damaged the pigment is, the easier it would be. Just look at advice offered at times. "You want it to fade? Go out in the sun!" The goal is to break it down so you are already started. Unless you are talking more like skin damage at the surface.

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I just assumed based on other tattoos. Sun equals fading. Theoretically, I'd assume the sames is true of SMP ink. Plus I remember reading on the forum somewhere that HIS was working on a line of skin care products for SMP. Though that's probably got the same timeline as the fue/smp thing they were working on until they stopped talking about it.

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