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My personal experience

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After months of debating research and reading some great posts and stories on here I got the treatment done myself my only regret I didn't get it done earlier,we all read on here things we can all relate to and see results we want to achieve so it's only only fair I post my experience and hopefully help somebody get over the line and get it done..we have all been there thinking what if I'm not sure won't look real pain etc,just go for it don't look back.

From the day of the consultation you know you have made the correct decision everything is agreed and planned for you there and then you walk out counting down for the treatment to begin.

D day arrives and I for one couldn't wait to get started hardest part for me was getting the hairline correct but don't panic take as long as you want to get it right and the teams knowledge and advice is spot on to fully convince what's best for you.

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