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Posted 13 January 2017 - 05:25 PM

Long time reader, first time poster.  I've been watching HIS like a hawk (or a bald eagle, hyuk hyuk) for a little over two years now.  After ten years and change of watching my hairline sputter, choke, and die, this seems like an almost miraculous solution to the problem that plagues us all; specifically, male pattern hair loss.  As yet another hopeful success story, I just had a few questions to which independent research has yielded mixed results and, since this forum has always seemed so supportive and welcoming, I wanted to ask the community.

1. I've noticed that, over time, the recommended number of SMP treatments has gone from three to as many as seven.  Are those who require a greater number of treatments outliers, or is HIS adopting a more conservative approach to their choice in shades for initial treatments?


2. I remember reading a while back that darker shades are, traditionally, only made available to those with darker complexions.  I understand that traditional tattoo inks are different than the pigments HIS uses in their treatment process, but, having had a significant number of tattoos, I've noticed that my immune system tends to act like it's just had a caffeine enema and attacks pigments pretty aggressively whenever I have work done.  This, of course, results in significant fading.  In an effort to reduce the potential number of treatments, since time, travel and, of course, money are considerations, can a patient opt for darker shades against the advice of their practitioner?


3. I've noticed that HIS has a hair transplant section on their website.  Does HIS now offer transplant services as well?  Given their sterling reputation, and the fact that I plan on supplementing my treatment with a hair transplant for depth and texture, I'm actually hoping this is the case.


Any correspondence would be greatly appreciated, as it would help me from pulling out what few remaining sprouts I have left on my dome.



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Posted 13 January 2017 - 05:52 PM

Hi Trig.


I will get the ball rolling ahead of our generous fellow members pitching in.


Seven sessions to complete would very definitely be considered an outlier... the norm remains two with the optional third that many do go for. A thumb in the air statistic would be a 2.7 average - but that really is a combination of experience and a willingness to guess. It wont be too far out though.


Your self-description certainly sounds like you may experience more fading that is usual but your practitioner will address that in the second session... and go with darker shades at that stage if necessary. I would recommend you share your experience of fading before the first session though, it might encourage them to start out a shade or two darker than they might have done otherwise. Worth mentioning that for aggressive faders the HIS commitment is to see you through to a finish, delivered by offering free treatments to anyone who needs more once they have paid for three.


All the best.

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#3 Dr Mach 3

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Posted 13 January 2017 - 08:50 PM

Firstly id say 7 treatments I've never heard of, I had 4 but the majority have 3 in my opinion 3rd session isn't an option its essential your not going to pay 2k then still look balding as 99% need 3. I was hoping I would of needed 2 as quoted but I needed 3 as a basic which I feel it was very misleading. If your plan is to go darker to save yourself having more sessions and save money id say its not a good plan. You will need 3 to get a complete not balding look, I would listen to your practitioner as they know best as Ed says, if you Experience fading they will go darker session 2 then normally session 3 is a final perfect the look touch over. Pull the trigger you wont regret it.
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