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What's your favorite HIS SMP case study?

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There are a bunch of great ones on this forum.


Which SMP case study is your favorite and why?


When it comes to the main HIS website, Arin's result is my favorite. But when it comes to the forum, I personally really like vince's 5 year update found here:


Why? It's all about the hairline, baby.


I'll say that I'm personally not much of a fan of the super defined straight look, and so his initial treatment was not my cup of tea. Furthermore, when I was going through this thread I didn't understand how he was going to have his hairline broken down without laser treatment without lowering the hairline lower than where it was thereby making it worse. When I saw those large ink dots, I didn't know what to expect.


BUT that was before I understood how fresh off the ink pics were not indicative of the real final result. There's a common theme mentioned here - "SMP is a process" - and this case study really helped me to understand this.


So when he finally posted his pictures of his new broken hairline after his touch up treatment I was amazed. Really fantastic result and I'm inclined to ask for a similar style when my time comes.


So what's yours?

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