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Subtle changes before smp

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Hi all,


I last posted here in 2015 and back in the mind getting this done again, my biggest worry is people noticing as I already shave my head to a 0.4mm grade.  Would go to a 0.3mm not sure I would wet shave though as I feel I would look like I have no hair at all just skin.


I have been using tans and things and recently starting dermmatch to see if people notice then the smp in theory wouldn't show as much as a big change??


I still cant see why people haven't noticed but I guess its been a while now,


I have attached some pics the far left is before anything and the other two are different lighting with dermmatch.  I have some peach fuzz kinda hair which helps light on the left is very harsh.


I guess the question is do you think people would notice?  I want to get away from restrictions with dermmatch and not worry,  I am thinking of doing a really thinning hairline anything sharp will be obvious imo.


thanks all,



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If that's how you use your cover up now. Then I am certain no one will be suspicious atall. In fact it'll look a lot better if you wet shave with the grain to keep it real low but not against as that'd be too harsh. It'll give the appearance of having a full head shaved down which is exactly what smp is replicating. And it will no doubt look so much better than powder on your head. I also use a form of cover up. I admittedly have more hair than you up top but I give the appearance of having a lot more that I should and I'm in the same bat as you mate. There are far too many restrictions if you want to avoid being detected. Swimming, motorbikes, rain, taking a hat on and off. Rubbing away sweat, certain jobs, even getting out the shower and tge condensation in the air not allwoing you to apply it.. along with the thought ornworry if someone Rubbing your head when out which has happened to me far too many times.... I've been back and forth about getting this done also for the past 5 years. I haven't investment been out off, I've more been distracted with other events. But now I'm determined to crack on and get it done before the summer. In fact I'm hoping to have it done within the next couple of months. Honestly mate. I'd love to get rid of that worry of it being smudged or such. And just get on with it. Good luck mate!

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