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My experience.

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I don't think it was either dot size or darkness as both are pretty much 100% ... I mean people have been closer to my head in brighter light and have thought nothing of it.


I think it was mostly the case of why do you shave your head there must be another reason as she commented on how I'd a great hairline.


I'm being honest when I say close friends relatives have not noticed. My own brother and sister haven't said a word. I never told them and as far as they know I just shaved my head to the skin. My kids as well. And kids pick up everything.


There are 1000's reasons to do it and a few not to. For me it was a no brainer I'm 100% happy and I think a lot of people are from what I see.


I get the thing about it's only as good as the practitioner. Once in a while the odd bad case will slip through. That's life, the practitioners are humans and mistakes are made. It's correcting the mistakes that is the important thing and making sure after care etc is in place.


It's up to his to vet the practioners to make sure they are all 100% fantastic. You trust them to do a good job so they should put everything in place to make sure this happens which I believe they do.



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Yours looks amazing mate! spot on PermanentVacation!


I've been looking to spot someone in real life with this procedure for years... And guess what.. Last saturday night I was at a wedding and a friend of a friend (bodybuilder type) walks in and he'd had it done! But I reckon out of 300 guests there was only me who noticed it! why you ask.. Because Im a norwood 5 and I just home in on bald heads all the time! Blokes with hair don't look twice and are not interested.

I never mentioned anything to him or that I wanted it done! It looked amazing too!!

Think I might treat myself to it for my 40th next year!!

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Hi Honest Discussion, sorry for the delay!


How did I spot it! Because I sort of know the lad who'd had it done, not seen him for years tho. There was just something slightly different about him! And don't forget Im looking out for  bald heads all the time as Im in the know about HIS and this forum.

Put if this way.. My other mate - who is very good mates with him and trains with him at the gym didn't even notice it and still hasn't as I didn't mention or say anything.

It was impressive! I don't even know if HIS did it. It was sutle with a breaking hairline thats DEFFO the KEY to this procedure!

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