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the bald ego

My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

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This is my SMP "final result" diary. I closed my first diary, in order to give a more thoughtful account of my experience.


I first heard about SMP less than two months ago. Like many others, I spent many days reading up and watching YouTube in amazement. Still, I doubted that it could work for me.


First of all, I'm 62. I started balding at 17, and was a Norwood 7 within 10 years. At 37, I tried a good hair "system" for a year, but it was a nuisance and made me feel fake. After that, I started shaving/buzzing my hair, which is now mostly gray.


I called a premier SMP competitor in New York, and asked who on the West Coast does the best SMP work. He gave me the name of my soon-to-be practitioner at HIS in Los Angeles, with the warning, "In your part of the country, do not use ANYONE ELSE." Okay, got it.


I had a phone consult, due simply to the driving distance from San Diego to Los Angeles. I booked my sessions right then for July 12 & 20, and August 20.


Sessions (Hours):

#1 (4.0) – Hairline and pigmentation "trial"

#2 (3.5) – Full-scalp pigment application

#3 (3.0) – Adding density and refinement


Notes: The scalp work was mild; not painful. My first session was the only one which caused significant post-treatment redness. Each session caused mild sinus congestion on the following day. Nothing else unusual or unexpected.


The hardest part of the SMP series was handling my mind's compulsion to want to micromanage my practitioner.


As I write this, it's just one day after my final session. The prior two sessions could never have prepped me for my amazing end result. I still can't believe that it actually came out this great.


Five weeks ago, I was bald, gray, and *looking* 62. SMP has not only changed my appearance to an extreme degree; it has also given me a major incentive to start taking better care of myself in many other ways. I can see that baldness had given me a hopeless attitude of "why bother?" about my appearance and life in general.


I prolly will regret posting these "next-day" post-session pics, scabs and all. Going forward, I plan to be more judicious about what I post, but here's a pair for now, until I heal up...





I cannot say enough good things about the expertise and integrity of HIS. Getting my life back is a big deal. Any company with this level of genuine dedication to product quality and customer care is very unique these days.

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What type of shaver do you have?


I got a Norelco wet/dry, recommended by the practitioner. He said don't go for the expensive ones. I got the wet/dry one from Costco because sometimes I like to shave in the shower. It comes with an extra set of heads. Way better than my old Panasonic wet/dry that chewed up my scalp. Would like to try the Braun sometime, although the Norelco seems to be doing a nice job. It's very quiet compared to other razors I've had, holds a long charge, easy to clean, and is comfortable with the floating heads.

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