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Southern California Round-up

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I live in Orange County and I'm about to get the procedure done on Jan 19th.  I am wanting to see how this procedure looks on brothers with Dark Brown complexion such as Taye Diggs, Tyson Beckford and etc..?  I shave my head bald always however this may be a good fit to have a year round fade.  Let me know if I could set something up with you JazzHead or anyone else in the L.A or Orange County area.

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Hi Guys,

newbie here,

I'm in the socal area, i met w. the practitioner already,

If this thread is still alive, Id like to meet with someone who's had the procedure done at HIS,

Sure,  I saw the practitioners head, buti dont think he did his own smp :-), and he didnt have HTs before

I just want to do proper research before jumping in, i didnt do that
when i got the plugs 15 years ago, so now im a bit more cautious

Also I really would like to see someone who had scars done, coz' i have a few of those too

I'd be glad to meet anywhere in socal, buy you lunch, dinner, drinks, lapdance, whatever


Thanks to all, best wishes

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