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I am a 25 year old male from canada 

I started losing my hair at 19, rocked a comb over which i was comfortable with until i was 21

at 21 i started to shave my head, did not feel great with the look but continued to do it for a while anyway, always wore hats unless forced to be in a situation where i could not wear a hat.

23, I found caboki, this product worked a bit, still would rather wear hats, but in situations where a hat was not appropriate I would use the product in my hair which was cut every month with number 1 on the sides and long on the top with trim.

in the 2 years i used caboki i still felt very self conscious about my hair, to the point of general anxiety disorder.

I have used alot of alcohol and cocaine to combat my anxiety and depression since the age of 18.

I have always had lots of women attracted to me and fall in love with me, made love to over 100 women but that still did not make happy.

Recently I flew down to Toronto for 2 sessions that were performed by (practitioner named, deleted) over the course of 7 days. 

My mother had tried to do some smp on me 3 years ago as she owned a spa that did eyebrow tattoos, so i have some ink already that has made my 2 sessions not as good as they could have been because the risidual ink has showed up quite red on my new canvas that has been completed.

It has been a month of me having my smp, I am doing better with my look then i have in years but i still suffer some depression and anxiety of my hair. 

I have tried a few styles and have chosen to go with a hot shave every 3 days which is the easiest and looks the best.


the picture with hair was when i had all caboki in. the 2 with the bald head were just taken tonight




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Congrats on going through with SMP. Its a big weight off the shoulders when compared to concealers. 


It seems that you've had a lot of luck with the ladies over the years. I'm curious, how are they treating you now that you got SMP? Are you getting more attention, less or the same? 

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